Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Little RV Visits Rockhound State Park

We're still near Deming, New Mexico and just enjoying some quiet time.  Every other day or so we drive a short distance to see something new. We stopped for an opportunity to lay low for a bit, get our mail, order some medications and other things we were getting low on. When in all finally arrives we'll be on our way. 

We are staying at an RV park a short distance from Deming but in a great location to see the area sites. Seems like each time we go out we head in a different direction. 

The park owners are wonderful people. I asked if there was a local RV repair person who might come out and take a look at a broken vent cover and they offered to go up on the roof and take a photo of the vent in need of repair which would allow us to order parts. I knew we have a broken vent cap but I didn't know we had a broken antenna pole and not one but two broken vent caps. 

We have ordered all of the parts to make the repairs and are looking forward to having them replaced so we can at least put those problems out of our minds. 

The other day we drove to Silver City a cute, artsy little town about 35 miles north of our campground. From there we drove into the Gila National Forest. It is indeed a forest. We have a picnic lunch and headed back home. 

The altitude in Silver City is about 1000 feet higher there at 5700 feet and Rob's is having to use his oxygen full time at 4700 feet. It sure makes breathing tough for him so our outings are short without much walking. 

Yesterday we drove to Rockhound State Park. We were really surprised to find nothing but a campground and hiking trails. The campground was great with grand views and we would have loved to stay there but I think we'd have had a tough time fitting the Little RV into one of their sites. 

We did enjoy their botanical garden. We've also noticed since it rained the other day the wildflowers are in bloom.  It sure adds a punch to the endless brown landscape. 

After a recent conversation with Rob's doctor he "strongly urged" us to be home within the next month. Some new things have cropped up and they want to take a peek at him. So I guess we'll have to get in gear and head home at a faster pace. 


  1. So sorry you have to cut your travels short, but Rob's health is much more important. Hope all turns out well.

    1. You are so right Dizzy. Now if we could just convince him of that.

  2. Rob's health is way more important than your travels. Maybe a little later, when Rob is feeling better, you guys can continue your journey across the United States. On anther note, it is great to hear your stories! My family and I have been wanting to go on a road trip for awhile now, but we just could not find the time due to my son being handicap.

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV

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