Monday, March 2, 2015

The Little RV Visits City of Rocks State Park, NM

We are in the desert.  It's vast, barren and quite frankly it's tough to find beauty here most of the time with the exception of sunrise and sunset. 

Strangely within just 10 miles of our campground there is a State park where the landscape is completely different.  It seems as though God reached into his pocket, pulled out a handful of giant boulders and tossed them to the ground. 

There is a small RV campground in the park with electricity but there are also many campsites nestled into the rocks. Those sites do not have any hook-ups but they are very well done with fire pits and picnic tables. This is one of my favorites because you get privacy, shade and a wind block.

How about this site. Could you sleep under that rock at the top?
Pumpkin Spice Muffin anyone?
The vegetation in the park was really interesting. There was a small botanical garden that looked like it was fairly new. Here are some photos from the gardens.
We have also been doing some little improvements to the Little RV like installing a magnetic knife holder...
...and slowly replacing those awful pleated shades with room darkening roller blinds.

Oh! Most exciting of all we added New Mexico to our visited state map.


  1. When we were at Davis Mountains State Park in west Texas, I saw a lot of interesting rock formations, some looked like thickly packed hoodoos. . I guess that is what they were.

  2. Hi Juley and Rob, this is Pete and Linda. We are really enjoying your blog. We are so happy you made it through all of the ice and cold weather to New Mexico. We attempted to stay at the City of Rocks State Park last year and it was full. Such a neat place. We also wanted to let you know that we just left Eagle's Landing RV Park in Holt Florida and loved it! Thanks so much for the recommendation. We are headed to the Crystal River area tomorrow to see the manatees and after that to St. Augustine. Cold, cold, cold here as well. Can't wait for spring. Juley I would also like to talk to you about your collage picture of plants and how you did that and also how you are doing the replacing of your shades. Can't stand these anymore. My email is or IM me on Facebook and we can exchange numbers. Travel safe.