Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Little RV Visits the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Oyster Shells

We're in Mississippi for a week while we wait for some necessities to arrive in the mail. Last time through here we camped near Biloxi so this time we moved a bit further along the coast.  We found a campground that accepts Passport America so we're enjoying a huge site with full hookups for only $15 a night.
We even have our own lighthouse.
We spent an evening on the beach watching and photographing the gorgeous sunset. 
We have been to the beach twice to look for shells and found nothing but oyster shells by the thousands. They really don't appeal to me so no more shelling for me until we move on. 
Oyster shells
We're having a rainy day today so we are getting some indoor things done. Tomorrow we are going to a fresh seafood market in Biloxi in search of fixings for a seafood feast.

Hopefully all of the things we are expecting will arrive by Wednesday so we can be on our way on Thursday. Our next stop will be somewhere in Louisiana. 

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