Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Little RV Visits El Paso, Texas

On our second day in the El Paso area we decided to go poke around in one of the tourist stores. This store was called Saddleblanket and had billboard after billboard in the area and clearly it worked because there we were in the store hunting for treasures. Now keep in mind that since we live in our RV full time we don't have space for unnecessary things like decor or keepsakes but we still like to look and this place didn't disappoint. 

You know you want a set of those bar stools pictured above.  

What about some of these other treasures we found.  Anyone for a giant metal cactus? Anyone? What about a longhorn steer?

After shopping the morning away we went in search of something a bit more cultural.
We followed the El Paso Mission Trail. The mission trail consists of three missions. We managed to make it to two of them. The first was San Elizario Presidio Chapel.
San Elizario Presidio Chapel 1877
The mission has beautiful wood doors.
The interior is very ornate and there was so much to look at from the stained glass windows to the columns and arches. 

We stopped at a little taco shop for lunch then moved on to Socorro Mission (1843). 
Socorro Mission 1843

The inside of this mission was very rustic and the age was apparent but in the best possible way. 
I loved the carved wood trim along the walls and the balcony.
The altar...
Ceiling detail...

I never get tired of seeing parts of America's history.


  1. Don't know if I would want to sit in those bar stools. Love the beauty of the old missions.

    1. Just think of the fun you could have with those bar stools!

    2. Oh yeah, especially back in my younger days.