Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Little RV is Slowly Making Its Way Across Texas

We left the San Antonio area yesterday after spending 8 days there. We were able to get our mail and see some sites but not much more. 

We are now making our way across Texas toward New Mexico. The Texas portion of I-10 covers nearly 900 miles and we will be driving each and every one. 

We are in Junction, TX today in a very nice little park. The sites are huge and most are pull-through. There is a river along one side of the park and it's so quiet. The hosts couldn't be nicer. 

Did I mention how quiet it is??? After our 8 day stay in the last park where we had to turn sideways to squeeze between our RV and our neighbor's RV, we couldn't put our awning out, there was constant traffic and you could hear everything from the neighboring RVs this is quiet a treat. 

I woke to a beautiful sunrise today. As I watched the sun come up I saw some deer by the river and later I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye and these geese were making their way to the river. 
Most of the other campers packed up and left the campground early. It's a quiet day in the Little RV. Rob is resting and I'm working on this and that. 

The campground has descent wifi so I can work on the blog but our cell phones don't get enough of a signal to make calls so family don't worry, we're fine!

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