Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stalled in Texas and Waiting for a Storm to Pass in the Little RV

We left Junction, Texas on Friday morning. The western side of Texas is sparsely populated and there are long stretches of nothingness. I watched the temperature climb as we moved West. We started at 55 degrees and when we stopped for the day in Fort Stockton it was 82 degrees. The wind was incredibly strong. We found a great little park called Hilltop RV Park. As you might expect it is on a hilltop near Fort Stockton and surrounded by miles and miles of nothing.
Not my idea of beautiful scenery

The park is all pull-throughs with full hook-ups. My kind of park! The drives are wide and I had no trouble parking in our site. The owners have several pieces of metal art around the property. 

There is a storm coming in from the West and we are supposed to get some snow tonight and tomorrow morning but the temperatures are expected to be back in the 60s by Tuesday. We have decided to stay here for two more nights until the weather clears up.  

This morning I walked to the office to pay for our additional nights and took my camera along. You can see how dark and cloudy the sky has become.

I love these Mexican musician figures.

On both ends of Fort Stockton there are giant Buffalo Soldier statues welcoming drivers. I can see one from our site.  This is not the best photo but here they are.

Home sweet home...


  1. There sure is a lot nothing along I-10 in West Texas. I broke down about 30 or 40 miles East of Ft. Stockton. Not the best place in the world to get help. We did finally get a signal on our Verizon Hot Spot and could look up an emergency number to call. We called and before they would send out someone to help, we had to pay them $75.00 by giving them our American Express card info. Didn't like to do that, but all worked out except loosing a couple of days of our trip and a bunch of money. . . I mean a bunch of money and they would only take cash. But they did do a good job and got me back on the road.

    Since you are heading west, may I suggest a stay at the Davis Mountain State Park. I like that park and it is full of wildlife, hiking trails, and the highest mountain in Texas. You will have to take the second exit past Fort Stockton and take route 17 south through Balmorhea to Fort Davis.

    1. Dizzy, this is no place to break down. Glad things worked out OK for you. I'll check out the park you suggested.