Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rockin' and Rollin' in the Little RV

This morning we decided to get out of Texas so we packed up, chipped the ice off of everything and were on our way. None of the hoses or cables would cooperate because everything was frozen and stiff as could be.  I basically stuffed it all into the basement and shut the door knowing when we got to our next location it would be thawed out and more flexible.
That's not snow it's all ice.

As we drove about the first 100 miles today the weather was in the low 20s and very foggy. There was a lot of ice on the bushes along the road. We were only a few miles from Mexico and this is not what I was expecting.

The fog eventually burned off and the sun came out. We gained an hour as we crossed into the Mountain time zone.
Casino Camping in New Mexico

We drove about 250 miles today and are just barely over the border in New Mexico. We're casino camping again which I love because of the prices.  $15 a night for 50 amp electric and water.

We're experiencing more crazy weather this evening. There is a front coming through from the west and we are having 50 mile per hour wind gusts. The Little RV is rockin' and rollin' this evening.


  1. I like that first picture showing the fog and the ice on everything. If it were not so damaging, I would have to say it is beautiful!!

    1. Dizzy, it was really pretty but I'm glad to see blue skies today.