Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Little RV Visits Gulf Islands National Seashore

We have moved on to the Florida Panhandle and are camped near Pensacola. It is much cooler here. In fact there has been frost in the mornings for the past two days. Today was an absolutely gorgeous day with the temperature at 65 degrees and beautiful blue skies. There aren't many people here this time of the year so things were quiet and uncrowded. 

We stopped at three different beaches and I had an opportunity to hunt for shells. The beaches here are so pretty. The sand is pure white and the contrast against the blue water and sky make a beautiful scene.
After some beach combing we drove to the end of Santa Rosa Island to visit Fort Pickens. The fort was built to protect Pensacola Bay. Construction was completed in 1834. We were able to walk around the ruins of the fort. 
This is an aerial view of the fort I found online.

The Main Entrance
Officers quarters had plaster walls.
See the canon?

This guy was getting a drink of water
from a puddle in one of the rooms.
Parts of the fort are crumbling. 
Arches were used in the
construction because of their strength.
I loved this view through the arches.
Anyone know what this is?
A canon atop the arches and
another in the foreground.
After another quick stop at the beach we headed back home.  On Thursday we are moving to Mississippi. 

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