Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Little RV is Chillin' and Shellin' on Florida's Gulf Coast

We have been in Bonita Springs for a week and were supposed to leave today but we have decided to stay another week. We were able to extend for another week in the same space so we don't even have to move.  Bonus! 
Florida Fighting Conch
I have always loved the beach but never really got into shelling except a few found here and there while walking on the beach. 

Rob grew up on the beach in Newport, RI so he also enjoys going but he likes to relax in enjoy the sun. It really is perfect because I can park my junk next to his chair while I wander off and look for shells. 

The reason we decided to camp here is because the shelling is some of the best in the world. Since we arrived we have been to several beaches. 

We went to Bonita Beach first because it is closest to the RV park. 
Bonita Beach, FL
The beaches here are white sand with lots of seashells.  The shells wash onto the beach in piles.  Most are tiny but occasionally you find a biggun! 

There are literally places on the beaches here where there are piles of shells a foot deep. Most of these shells are broken or very small but if you sift through them you can find treasure.

Bonita Beach had pretty good shelling the day we were there but our next beach day took us to Lover's Key State Park. It was outstanding.  I was able to walk into the surf and watch for shells as they tumbled up onto shore where I would scoop them up. Lover's Key is great for conch shells.
Today's haul from Bonita Beach
I'm totally hooked and would go shelling every day if I could. 
My Captiva Island booty.
I pulled this one right out of the surf today. It's one of my favorites.
Gulf Oyster Drill


  1. Back in the '60's, we used to rent a cottage for a couple of weeks each year on the Outer Banks of N.C. We would drive the beaches for miles and pick up bucket after bucket of beautiful shells. Did the same thing on Gulf shore of East Texas. It is just so addicting and a lot of fun.

    1. One of our daughters goes to the Outer Banks occasionally. We have never been but maybe one day we will. We do plan to go the some beaches in Texas this winter. Any suggestions?

  2. Yes, you need to go to Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge on the East Texas Gulf Coast, especially if you want to see wild alligators. I don't know if it the same as way back when we were there, but then there were gators all over the place. Even had to stop because a really big one was blocking the road.