Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Little RV Goes on Another Shelling Adventure

I have OCD! When I get into something, I get all the way into it. So I've been studying up on shelling and according to the information I have found online the best time to shell is during low tides and the lowest tides are during new and full moons. 

Last night was a new moon and the low tide was at 7:07 this morning. Sunrise was at 7:17 am. I set my alarm to get up by 6:00 am so I could be at the beach in time for the low tide and sunrise. As it turned out I woke up at 5:20 and Rob was already up so he tagged along with me. Rob brought his camera along to capture the action and the sunrise.
Banded Tulip

One of the first shells I found was a Banded Tulip but when I turned it over to take a better look I discovered it was occupied by a little crab so I had to put it back. I never did find another one.

Here I am at 7 am wading around with my shell bag on the hunt for that illusive perfect shell. Check out all of those shells on the beach.

I wanted to go to Blind Pass which separates Sanibel Island from Captiva Island. It's about an hour's drive from our campground. We made it just in time for sunrise.

Shelling was pretty awesome today. This is a small section of last night's high tide line.

Most of what I found was small but I kind of like the mini shells.  Check out this pile of Cerith shells.
Left: Scallops, Right: Cerith

I did find several different types of shells for the first time today. That makes me happy. 
Clockwise from top right:
Lettered Olive, Worm Shell, Auger,
Nutmeg, Cabrit's Murex,
Lace Murex and Lightening Whelk

I'm really going to miss the beach but I have one more day!


  1. Beautiful shells. I always loved to walk beaches and pick up shells.

    1. Dizzy I'm hooked. I want to go shelling on every beach in every country!