Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Travel Decisions Made in the Little RV

We have been waiting for two weeks to find out if we can get our RV body repairs done here. Yesterday we finally got an answer. The body shop says it will take 4-8 weeks just to get the parts. We can't get another RV site here in South Florida until March so we are going to wait and get the repairs done elsewhere. That means we are leaving Lake Worth on New Year's Day as we had originally planned.  

We didn't manage to get to the Everglades last time we were down here so that is where we are heading on the 1st. We got a site for six nights near the area we want to visit. BONUS - it's a federal campground and with Rob's Access Pass we pay just $15 a night for a paved site with electric.  

Now that all of our tasks are finished we are ready to start the touristy activities. We have just two more weeks here which include both of our birthdays and Christmas so it's time for some fun!


  1. I have never been to the Everglades. Please take lots of pictures and post them in your blog. But most of all, have fun.

  2. That's a great rate for a campground in southern FL! My brother and his wife were just there, and rode an airboat on a tour of some of the everglades. It was magnificent, and they saw lots of crocs. You might look into it.

    1. Donna, Rob would love the airboat. I'm a big chicken but am thinking about it. I have a horrible fear of snakes and there are a lot of snakes there. I have images of the boat hitting a snake and flinging it right up onto the deck!