Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Little RVs 2014 Year End Wrap-up Part 1

Wow! Today is the last day of 2014. 
We spent the first 6 months of the year in our home town in Washington State. 
Our 2013 winter lot in Washington

The same lot with snow!
Even though we had planned to be on the road things just kept holding us there. Most of the delays were related to Rob's medical concerns and were simply unavoidable. We had planned to head for Alaska last May but the trip would have been delayed into June and we felt June was just too late start a trip that long. 

During the first half of the year we continued to have problems with the Little RV including water leaks, damage caused by water leaks, broken light fixtures. Those darn pendent lights over the sink are still coming loose. The biggest problem by far was the holding tank valves and the epic repair failure that necessitated our return to the shop on the same day.

Finally in early June we were able to hit the road. Before we left we tried to wash off the thick layer of pollen and fir needles that had accumulated on the Little RV but it was just too big a job for us. When we arrived in Troutdale, Oregon, our first stop, we were able to have the Little RV professionally cleaned
Spa day!

We slowly made our way to Montana and stopped in Missoula for some emergency dental work. We were there for nearly a month but if you have to be stuck somewhere Missoula is a great place.  
A farm near Missoula, MT

We continued to make our way East where we had our first true dry camping experience, along with a lesson on break-away cables.

We were determined to learn to be more frugal campers. In mid July we stayed at our first Army Corps of Engineers (COE) campground. That was a real eye opener. We had been paying $25 to $40 a night for sites in crowded campgrounds where you can hear your neighbor through the walls and there is not always room for your awning to be extended. 
Upstream Campground - Riverdale, ND

The COE campground had HUGE sites and were so well kept but for a fraction of the price. With Rob's access pass we were paying just $9 a night for an electric only site. If you've never stayed at a COE park give it a try.  

We traveled through states we had not been to with the RV. Each new state prompted a new sticker on the visited states map. This year we added North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.
Our visited state map
2014 Part II wrap-up next!

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