Friday, December 12, 2014

Perfect Weather in South Florida

The weather here is perfect... for us. If you listen to the weather forecast they use descriptive words like cold and frigid. They suggest you bundle up or don't forget your jacket. To us, the weather is perfect. It gets up to about 70 during the day but down in the 50s at night. Since we have so much to do outside we are loving the temperatures.  
The locals dress like this...

Here is our weather forecast for the weekend...

Most of the people here in the park are Canadian. Yesterday I was outside most of the day cleaning the basement, organizing and purging its contents. The only people speaking English were Rob and me. Everyone else was speaking French. 

We have accomplished a lot since we arrived here 12 days ago. The Little RV is was detailed, the rood cleaned and sealed, the truck has been washed and waxed, the basement cleaned and organized, Christmas decorations are up, Christmas gifts purchased, wrapped and shipped (mostly). Rob even changed out the anode in the hot water heater yesterday. It's a good thing he did because the old one was almost completely eroded away.  
New anode on top, old anode on bottom.
I really need to sort through the inside of the RV to get rid of things we don't need and lighten the load. Hopefully I'll have time to do that before we leave. I'm also looking forward to going to the beach and the Everglades while we are here. 

We have not heard from the insurance company about our repairs. There is a chance that we may be able to get another site here in the park for January and get the repairs done.  Only time will tell.


  1. Wow, I wonder what our anode looks like?

    1. Dizzy, we had our anode changed in April 2013. After 20 months of full-time use ours was almost eroded through. I guess you could take it out and check.