Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Little RV Visits an Animal Safari

I like to peruse the local attractions on the interwebs when we are somewhere for a few days.  You might be surprised by the crazy things there are to see in this country.  

We spent the last three nights in Virginia. Yesterday we braved the frigid temperatures to do a little sightseeing. We went to the Virginia Safari Park, a 180 acre drive through zoo with more than 1,000 animals. The park encourages interaction with the animals by feeding them. You purchase buckets of food and as you drive through the park with your windows down the animals come over and eat from the buckets through the window.  
The Fallow Deer from Europe and Asia were the first to greet us.
They were skittish around the truck but were willing to get over it for the food.

Then these two llama showed up. 
They were quite persistent and ran along side the truck as we moved through the park. 
This ostrich showed up in front of the truck next.  
Then there was this emu with crazy eyes! I had to put the window up because he was creeping me out.

This camel literally ripped the bucket right out of my hands. He doesn't seem remorseful at all, does he?
There were dozens of these beautiful Fallow Deer.

I love these Scotch Highland cattle.  The red one looks so soft.

This camel has a face only his mother could love.  Don't even get me started on that eye booger.

Sir Elk making a silly face.  He was so gentle when he was eating. 

A sweet white llama who wasn't shy in the least.

A bashful Axis Deer from India. She wouldn't come close to the truck. Another shot of her below but closer.

One last shot of our escort through the park!

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  1. Wonderful looking animals. I bet they are really good at begging.