Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Little RV is Stranded in Pennsylvania

After nearly a month in Connecticut we packed up said our goodbyes and headed out for our December destination, sunny Florida. If you follow our blog you know that things don't often go as we plan them. Yesterday and today were no exception.  

In an effort to outrun the blast of winter weather coming from Alaska and heading east we decided to make tracks on Wednesday. We are completely opposed to driving down I-95 through New York City and Washington DC so we drove west on I-84 into Pennsylvania. Both New York and Pennsylvania had miles and miles of road construction and much of the Interstate was one lane and very narrow. This route is used heavily by trucks. We were driving along, in and out of construction and between cement barriers and those pesky little orange traffic cones when the truck in front of us hit several of the cones and sent them right into our path. Even if there had been somewhere else to go I don't think we could have avoided hitting them. With the help of our dual rear wheels the cones apparently shot out from under the truck right into the front end of the Little RV...
...smashing this...
...and this...
...bending this...
...breaking off a chunk of fender and leaving an orange streak...
...finally coming to the end of the Little RV.
We actually didn't even know all of this had happened until we stopped for the night at a casino parking area. When I got out to put the front landing gear down I saw the damage. Fortunately the landing gear don't seem to be damaged. We knew we ran over a cone or two but we were shocked to see the extent of the damage. 

Knowing the damage was done and there was nothing we could do about it we set up and went inside for the evening. The damage appeared to be cosmetic so we planned to continue on to Florida and get the repairs done there.  

We spent the night in the casino parking lot with no hook-ups. Most of the campgrounds in this area are closed for the season and we knew it would be a parking lot night. This morning we were up early and ready to go. When we did our safely check Rob got a message on the dash saying "Trailer Disconnected". Our trailer brakes are electric and they are not working. 

We tried everything we could think of but we just couldn't get the truck to admit the trailer was truly hooked up.  

Now we're thinking something happened to the wiring to the brakes during our "coneing" incident.  Not able to move safely we made an appointment for first thing in the morning at a nearby RV shop.  
The casino is at the edge of the photo behind the Little RV
It is very cold here and the sky looked more and more like snow as the day went on so I checked the weather forecast.

This forecast was right on.  It is snowing!


  1. What rotten luck. Hoping it will be a quick fix. Stay warm.

    1. Thanks Cathie,
      We all fixed up and on the road again. Welcome!