Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Visit to Bonaventure Cemetery

During our one day stay in Savannah, GA it rained and I mean it rained hard most of the day. By about 3 PM it began to clear up a little so we took advantage of the break and squeezed in a visit to an unexpected place, Bonaventure Cemetery.  

I realize cemeteries aren't everyone's cup of tea but I find them fascinating. This one is very old and was started on an old plantation as a family cemetery back in the 1700s. It isn't in Savannah proper but in a suburb to she south called Thunderbolt. 

Rob and I wandered around the grounds for a while yesterday until it got too dark to take photographs.  It was a bit foggy but I think it added to the atmosphere. I think the Spanish Moss in the trees was perfect for a cemetery as well.
Gracie Watson's resting place
Gracie Watson's plot is one of the most visited in the entire cemetery.  Gracie was just six years old when she died of pneumonia.
Sculpture of Gracie 
About Gracie

There are so many different styles of monuments, some are very old and others are quite new. The cemetery is still accepting burials.

The Sulter Family Plot
Lovely sculpture
This beautiful monument was visible from far away.

Beautiful and ornate fence and posts
The Military Section of the Cemetery

Adler - Grecian Columns
This concludes the cemetery tour portion of our trip. Next time you are in the vicinity of a historic cemetery, give it a look-see.  You might just enjoy your visit.

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