Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Recap of the Little RV's Time in Connecticut

We arrived in Connecticut on October 15th and spent exactly 4 weeks at Rob's oldest daughter's home. I like to call it Hilliard Acres. During that time we spent time with Rob's girls and their families.  

We attended the last soccer match of the season for Grand Child #1, Justin.
We had a roof inspection and roof sweeping by our Son-in-law Alex. Thanks Alex!

We got a new mattress! Thanks again to Alex for hoisting that beast upstairs for us because it wouldn't have been pretty without his help.
We hooked this little girl up with a new Minnie Mouse hat.  Her favorite color is pink you know.

We spent some time around Halloween with a werewolf, Superman and Sleeping Beauty. 
Left: Kelly and her boys Justin and Oliver
Right: Meghan and Amelia
Meanwhile our West Coast grandkids also celebrated Halloween. 
Here is Harry Potter (aka Camden)

Clementine as a clementine

My daughter Christina
(Daddy was out of town)
Here's a shot of Grampie and Kelly's three boys.
Rob, Justin, Oliver and little Colton
During our stay Meghan and I worked on Amelia's bedroom. We made a pretty cornice and hung a swag from it. We painted a beautiful princess crown, complete with jewels, above her bed and we made a pretty, striped awning for her window. She loves her new room!
We all had a wonderful visit!

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  1. Got to love those Grandkids!! You have a great family and you got your roof cleaned off and inspected. Don't get much better than that.