Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Little RV Reaches Another "Corner"

We spent three days in New Hampshire mostly indoors while it rained. 
Our New Hampshire Home

The View from the Rear Window

On Thursday we moved on to Maine. We actually only had a 100 mile drive from our campsite in New Hampshire to Kennebunkport, Maine. 
Welcome to Kennebunkport
It is my first time in Maine but not Rob's. For some reason I was expecting more forests and moose but I'm getting more beaches and charming little coastal villages. 
Bridge between Kennebunk and Kennebunkport

The weather has been gorgeous for the last two days but today I woke to rain. Rain seems to be the only way to get Rob to rest his relentless quest for the perfect photo so it is a good thing.  

There seems to be great wealth here as the homes are gigantic and cars are posh. 
Sad that someone has to live
in this dump, isn't it?

I love driving around looking at the old historic homes and buildings and the beach...

Kennebunkport Beach
Our campground is actually in West Kinnebunk.  It is only a few miles from the beach and the touristy areas but very quiet.  The tourist season is almost but over here and most campground close for the winter on Columbus Day which is a week from Monday. We are running out of time. Tomorrow we leave for the Camden, Maine area.
Saw this cranky looking bird on the way to the beach.
I feel like he was giving us the stink-eye!


  1. If you want forests and lakes, go inland. Way back in 1948 or 1949, my parents took me on vacation to a boat access only cottage on a beautiful pristine lake in Maine. It was safe to drink the water out of the lake, in fact that was the only source of water that we had. Even though it has been hat long ago, I still remember it and loved it.

    1. Dizzy, I knew we would be along the coast but apparently in my tiny mind, Maine = Moose and trees.

  2. Love the pictures! That second photo (the reflection) would look the same upside down. :) I did a fall road trip through New England a few years ago. It is breathtaking!

    1. Thanks Donna, Rob loves to do the reflection photos. I have no patience for them. It is pretty here. I always wanted to visit these states and now we are here!