Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Little RV has Reached the End of the Season in Maine

We arrived in Bar Harbor last Monday. Tuesday Rob got sick with a really nasty cold so other than Monday afternoon we have been hanging around the Little RV. 
Downtown Bar Harbor

I have watched as the seasonal campers are slowly closing up for the winter and heading home.  It is very quiet here.
The Little RV Snug in Her Campsite
Rob is slowly getting better but is in no shape to be out in the cool air and wind. 
The Margaret Todd, 4 Masted Schooner
We are supposed to leave here on Monday because the park closes for the season but haven't been able to see much. There is an RV park down the road that will be open through next Sunday and we may move over there for a few days. 
Bar Harbor Inn

The reason we came here was to visit Acadia National Park so hopefully Rob will improve enough to make that a reality. If not, we are headed to Connecticut to visit Rob's girls. At this point I am not sure what we will do.

I've been puttering around here doing some crocheting, baking bread, laundry, you get the idea.  I did wander around the park the other day and take a few photos.
The campground is located on Penobscot Bay.
Penobscot Bay


  1. I hope Rob gets feeling better real soon. I love the colored leaves of Autumn, but don't get to see a lot of them where I live. We get some color but not like when I lived up in Pennsylvania. I always loved the Fall when I lived up there. I want you two to doubly enjoy it for me.

    1. Dizzy, I've been enjoying the colors very much. Rob can't see them through his closed eyes but maybe next week.

  2. Your Bryce Canyon checkerboard background makes an interesting combination with the beautiful New England fall foliage pictures in your post. Lol!

    1. One of these days I'm going to change that background. I just have to find the right photo.