Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Little RV has Arrived in Connecticut and Our #6 Grandchild Has Arrived

Last Wednesday we woke up on our last day in Maine to another very cloudy day so we decided to make tracks to Connecticut.  It wasn't the best drive we have had but we made it.  We arrived at our new campsite after dark so we set up temporarily with plans to move the Little RV the next morning.  

The next day after having such a long day the day before Rob was in no shape to go through the process of moving this beast so we decided to wait another day and he rested all day.

We are back in the driveway of Rob's oldest daughter Meghan and her family, We spent the fall here almost two years ago so it's a familiar arrangement.  It's been a crazy week.  We timed our visit here around the birth of our sixth grandchild. Kelly, Rob's youngest, was scheduled for a c-section on October 28th but little Colton had other ideas.  He arrived by c-section a mere 24 hours after we arrived in Connecticut. 
Colton arrived four weeks early but he and his mom are doing great. He weighed in at 6 lb. 12 oz. and 19",  definitely full sized.

Early the next morning Meghan and her family left for a lovely, tropical vacation. We spent most of that morning getting the Little RV adjusted into her spot and hooked up.  

The first thing we needed to do was to trim some trees.  All of the lots here are large and heavily surrounded with trees. The trees above the spot where we wanted to park the Little RV were much too low and might have damaged our roof. We hunted through the Alex's tools and found a lopper, ladder and something to pull the branches down with. I really hope none of the neighbors were watching because the scene would have been laughable.  I climbed up and grabbed the branch and pulled it down so Rob could grab it and hold it down so I could cut the branch with the loppers. Meghan says she would have paid to see it happen. It took some doing but we got most of the branches cut back. We plan to ask Alex to go up on the roof and do a bit more trimming when he gets back from paradise. Better safe than sorry. 

We have arranged for weekly honey wagon service so we don't have to move until we are ready to head south for the winter in a few weeks.

I buckled down and finished my Halloween crocheting projects and shipped them back to the west coast yesterday.  I'm glad to have that done and shipped. I made a Harry Potter scarf, two owl hats and an orange hat with a stem and leaf for Clementine.  She's going to be a little satsuma or clementine orange.  Camden is going as Harry Potter. 

Fall has arrived in earnest here in Connecticut. We've had some chilly temperatures and the leaves are coming down hard and fast.  We even had a hard frost the other night.  Flip flop weather is clearly over.