Friday, October 24, 2014

The Little RV is Taking Advantage of Staying Put for a While

Whenever we land somewhere for a period of time we have lots of things that need to be done.  Getting things shipped when you are on the move all the time can be difficult.  I have arranged to have our mail sent so we can get caught up and vote, etc. We have our semiannual stock of vitamins on the way.  Our truck is in the shop getting an oil change and hopefully a diagnosis.  We have been hearing a thump, thump, thump when we are driving down the road.  Rob thinks it may be a wheel bearing.  

By far the most exciting thing we are expecting is our new mattress.  When we bought the little RV we never even considered the mattress quality. After living with a 6 inch innerspring mattress of the lowest possible quality for over two years it was just time.  When we realized how awful the mattress is we purchased a 3 inch memory foam topper which helped a lot but now it has Rob and Juley shaped dents in it and we are tired of waking up with aches and pains caused by our bed. It can't be helping Rob's spinal stenosis much either.
The new mattress is a 12" memory foam mattress with cooling gel.  It also comes with two free pillows and has a 20 year warranty.  It comes in a box with the air sucked out of it . When it arrives we'll open it up and watch it expand to its regular size.  I found the mattress on Amazon at this link. The customer reviews are really good. 

We have a RV King sized bed so it is 80" x 72" which is not a standard king. The advantage to getting it while we are here is the opportunity to have help getting the old one out and to the dump not to mention having an actual shipping address.

Could this be a life altering purchase? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Little RV has Arrived in Connecticut and Our #6 Grandchild Has Arrived

Last Wednesday we woke up on our last day in Maine to another very cloudy day so we decided to make tracks to Connecticut.  It wasn't the best drive we have had but we made it.  We arrived at our new campsite after dark so we set up temporarily with plans to move the Little RV the next morning.  

The next day after having such a long day the day before Rob was in no shape to go through the process of moving this beast so we decided to wait another day and he rested all day.

We are back in the driveway of Rob's oldest daughter Meghan and her family, We spent the fall here almost two years ago so it's a familiar arrangement.  It's been a crazy week.  We timed our visit here around the birth of our sixth grandchild. Kelly, Rob's youngest, was scheduled for a c-section on October 28th but little Colton had other ideas.  He arrived by c-section a mere 24 hours after we arrived in Connecticut. 
Colton arrived four weeks early but he and his mom are doing great. He weighed in at 6 lb. 12 oz. and 19",  definitely full sized.

Early the next morning Meghan and her family left for a lovely, tropical vacation. We spent most of that morning getting the Little RV adjusted into her spot and hooked up.  

The first thing we needed to do was to trim some trees.  All of the lots here are large and heavily surrounded with trees. The trees above the spot where we wanted to park the Little RV were much too low and might have damaged our roof. We hunted through the Alex's tools and found a lopper, ladder and something to pull the branches down with. I really hope none of the neighbors were watching because the scene would have been laughable.  I climbed up and grabbed the branch and pulled it down so Rob could grab it and hold it down so I could cut the branch with the loppers. Meghan says she would have paid to see it happen. It took some doing but we got most of the branches cut back. We plan to ask Alex to go up on the roof and do a bit more trimming when he gets back from paradise. Better safe than sorry. 

We have arranged for weekly honey wagon service so we don't have to move until we are ready to head south for the winter in a few weeks.

I buckled down and finished my Halloween crocheting projects and shipped them back to the west coast yesterday.  I'm glad to have that done and shipped. I made a Harry Potter scarf, two owl hats and an orange hat with a stem and leaf for Clementine.  She's going to be a little satsuma or clementine orange.  Camden is going as Harry Potter. 

Fall has arrived in earnest here in Connecticut. We've had some chilly temperatures and the leaves are coming down hard and fast.  We even had a hard frost the other night.  Flip flop weather is clearly over.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Little RV has Reached the End of the Season in Maine

We arrived in Bar Harbor last Monday. Tuesday Rob got sick with a really nasty cold so other than Monday afternoon we have been hanging around the Little RV. 
Downtown Bar Harbor

I have watched as the seasonal campers are slowly closing up for the winter and heading home.  It is very quiet here.
The Little RV Snug in Her Campsite
Rob is slowly getting better but is in no shape to be out in the cool air and wind. 
The Margaret Todd, 4 Masted Schooner
We are supposed to leave here on Monday because the park closes for the season but haven't been able to see much. There is an RV park down the road that will be open through next Sunday and we may move over there for a few days. 
Bar Harbor Inn

The reason we came here was to visit Acadia National Park so hopefully Rob will improve enough to make that a reality. If not, we are headed to Connecticut to visit Rob's girls. At this point I am not sure what we will do.

I've been puttering around here doing some crocheting, baking bread, laundry, you get the idea.  I did wander around the park the other day and take a few photos.
The campground is located on Penobscot Bay.
Penobscot Bay

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Little RV Visits a Lobster Pound

Oh Yeah!
What is a Lobster Pound you ask? Around the area we are visiting, Bar Harbor, Maine, it seems they call a restaurant where you can choose from a large batch of live lobster and they will cook the lobster for you or you can take them live. The term Lobster Pound is taken from the lobster industry history. If you're interested in learning more click this link. Lobster Pound   

We visited the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound. 

It was hopping and parking was hard to come by. The boiling pots are lined up just outside the front door.
Inside you select your lobster(s) from the giant, green lobster holder. They weigh them and give you an order sheet. They place the lobsters in a net with a number on it.  
You pay and wait while they take your lobsters out and drop them in one of the pots.   

When they are cooked they pull the net and call your number. You can take them to go or eat there. 

We took ours home and they were oh so good. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Little RV Reaches Another "Corner"

We spent three days in New Hampshire mostly indoors while it rained. 
Our New Hampshire Home

The View from the Rear Window

On Thursday we moved on to Maine. We actually only had a 100 mile drive from our campsite in New Hampshire to Kennebunkport, Maine. 
Welcome to Kennebunkport
It is my first time in Maine but not Rob's. For some reason I was expecting more forests and moose but I'm getting more beaches and charming little coastal villages. 
Bridge between Kennebunk and Kennebunkport

The weather has been gorgeous for the last two days but today I woke to rain. Rain seems to be the only way to get Rob to rest his relentless quest for the perfect photo so it is a good thing.  

There seems to be great wealth here as the homes are gigantic and cars are posh. 
Sad that someone has to live
in this dump, isn't it?

I love driving around looking at the old historic homes and buildings and the beach...

Kennebunkport Beach
Our campground is actually in West Kinnebunk.  It is only a few miles from the beach and the touristy areas but very quiet.  The tourist season is almost but over here and most campground close for the winter on Columbus Day which is a week from Monday. We are running out of time. Tomorrow we leave for the Camden, Maine area.
Saw this cranky looking bird on the way to the beach.
I feel like he was giving us the stink-eye!