Friday, September 5, 2014

A Stormy Michigan Day for the Little RV

Yesterday we left Iron Mountain, MI and headed toward two more of the Great Lakes.  We managed to pack up, travel and set up before the storms began. There have been some pretty severe storms the past several days.  Lots of rain, wind, thunder and lightening.  I love storms so as long as we are set up and cozy inside I enjoy watching the action.  
Lake Michigan taken in Manistique, MIR
Our route took east along the shore of Lake Michigan.  We stopped a couple of 
times to stretch our legs and take a photo or two. Our destination was St. Ignace, Michigan and another casino campground. 
This bridge takes drivers from the UP (upper peninsula) to the lower part of Michigan.  It is called the Mackinac Bridge. It is a beauty even in less than perfect weather. We're still in the UP so no bridge crossing yet.  

We are now in the Eastern Time Zone and will be for at least a couple of months.

Kewadin Casino, St Ignace
We arrived at the casino we dropped the Little RV off in an open site and drove up to the casino to check in.  We were happy to find the cost is only $10 a night so we decided to pay for four nights because There is so much to do in this area. We are in what is basically a huge parking lot with RV hook-ups along two sides.  There is water and 50 amp electric for each site. Our row has a large grassy area (currently flooded) with picnic tables and trees so our view is not just asphalt. I'll take some pictures when it is safe to go outside.  

The casino is gorgeous.  You can see Lake Huron through the giant rear windows. While at the casino yesterday we wandered into the gaming area (imagine that). I sat down at a "Wheel of Fortune" slot machine and put in $20.  I walked away with $100.  Go Me! Rob, who usually wins, was not so lucky.  

Back at the Little RV the storm had started in earnest. I sat and watched some of the trees behind our site whip back and forth in the strong wind gusts.  

It occurred to me that we were close enough to be struck by one of the trees but as I watched the entire top of the tree broke off and fell to the ground.
It is no longer tall enough to fall on the Little RV.   


  1. Got to be careful of those storms. Glad it was just top of the tree that got broke off. If the whole tree had come down, it may have hit your camper. As it was, you just got your rv washed, right?

  2. Wow, that must have been something to watch! Glad it didn't hit your little RV.
    Those casinos look to be a decent place to spend a night or two if you don't mind the noise. The price is sure great for having full hookups.

    1. Donna, this casino has been the busiest and had the most noise. The others were fairly quiet. This one is in a great spot for seeing the area as well. They are a great option to keep in our bag of tricks.