Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Little RV Visits Niagara Falls

This morning we woke up in New York. Yesterday we left Pennsylvania and drove just 150 miles to our new campground. We are on the shore of Lake Ontario in a beautiful state park.  The weather is sunny with a brilliant blue sky and water to match. 

During the drive yesterday we went through Buffalo, NY where you can buy a house desperately in need of renovation for just $1. Parts of the city were very pretty but parts really reminded me of Detroit.  Run down, burned out and scary.
Buffalo, NY
I am always impressed by the old and often intricate buildings over here in the Eastern US.
Buffalo, NY

It is really hard to get a photo while driving through a city on bumpy roads but I did my best.  There was so much more to see.

After getting set up in our site and having a rest we drove to the City of Niagara Falls to see the falls.  Our campground reciept allows us free admission to any NY State Park during our stay at the campground. 

We got to the falls near dusk. Getting there is a bit confusing so it took longer than we thought it would. Our GPS didn't help matters either. We elbowed our way through what seemed like a million tall, non-English speaking people to the front of the viewing area, snapped a few photos and ran for our lives.  We are not fans of tourist traps but we really wanted to see the falls.

While we were getting kicked our of Canada the border patrol officers told us the falls are much prettier from the Canadian side because you can see the whole span of the falls.  We plan to leave our home behind and head into Canada to see the falls from their side. Hopefully they will welcome us this time. 

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  1. You made the statement, "I am always impressed by the old and often intricate buildings over here in the Eastern US." I spent the first half of my life in Pennsylvania and when I moved to Texas, I was amazed that everything was much newer. PA was settled and tamed way back when Texas was still mostly Indians and Mexicans. BTW, I was sixteen years old the only time I ever saw the Falls.