Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Little RV Visits Lake Erie

We were up, out of our campsite and on the road at 11 am yesterday.  It was a late morning but we are both pretty tired. We drove about 120 miles to a campsite just west of Erie, Pennsylvania.  

When we arrived at the campground it was incredibly windy and setting up was a cold task.  You can sure tell fall is just around the corner. We are camped right on the shore of Lake Erie.  The lake was rough and the wind was creating whitecaps.  

We have decided to stay here for three days to rest, do laundry and empty the tanks before we head out again.  

Rob took a couple of sunset photos last night and they are amazing.  These came right out of the camera this way with no enhancement at all.

Our campground, while it has an amazing view, does not have much going for it. We have the worst water pressure I have ever experienced.  I shake my head every time I turn on a faucet. We are getting a great satellite signal but our internet signal is quite weak and our cell phones aren't working at all. It is only for three days so we can deal. 

Next stop, New York.


  1. I didn't know you could get a picture of a sunset over Lake Eire unless you were on Presque Isle or in Buffalo. So I looked at a map, and sure enough, it slopes to the northeast. I don't know why I was so mistaken about the way it was orientate, because when I was a kid we used to spend time up there on Presque Isle. Those were great pictures!!

    1. You're a riot Dizzy. Inquiring minds want to know!