Friday, September 12, 2014

Feeling the Need to Move Faster in the Little RV

We are awaiting grandchild #6 who is due to arrive at the end of October in Connecticut.  Seems like last year about this time we were headed to the West Coast for grandchild #5. 

By the way, Clementine (#5) started walking yesterday at 11 months.  She's a climber too so Mom is really getting a workout. 

We've dilly-dallied, tarried, loafed and otherwise poked along across the country over the last 3 months.  Our plan is to head into Maine to see the fall colors and the sights including Acadia National Park. From there we want to see Vermont and New Hampshire and land in Connecticut for the arrival of #6 in about 6 weeks.  

Our last two travel days have been much longer than usual.  We have gone over 500 miles since we left St. Ignace, Michigan the other day and today we plan to go about 200 more.   Our route for today will take us across the border into Canada and back into New York State for a visit to both sides of Niagara Falls. We'll also see the final Great Lake, Ontario.  

I think being as far as New York will make us feel like we can accomplish the trip before the arrival of #6.  

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