Friday, August 22, 2014

The Truck, Insurance and Still Waiting in the Little RV

Our auto insurance considers our mistake of putting gas in our diesel tank a "covered loss".  We are so relieved.  This is considered a comprehensive (rather than collision) incident which means our deductible is $100.  The insurance also covers our rental car and our AAA trip interruption benefit will help with the cost of the additional campground fees.  

The repairs on our truck are complete. Unfortunately we cannot pick it up until the check from the insurance company arrives at the repair shop.  I spoke to the insurance adjuster yesterday and felt absolutely no sense of urgency to get the check sent out.  He explained the paperwork was on his boss's desk and when the boss was able to get to it for final approval the check would be cut and it would be mailed via snail mail from the West coast.  That would take 3-4 additional days.  

I explained that we are in a campground that is fully booked as of tomorrow (Saturday) and they will be pushing us out into the field with only an extension cord as a hook-up.  This did not seem to make any impression on him at all so I asked to speak to his supervisor.  The supervisor was not available but the adjuster agreed to deliver a message to call me.

About 30 minutes later the adjuster called back and said the papers had been approved and signed and the check would be cut that afternoon or the following day. He agreed to call me back that afternoon and let me know whether the check had been cut or not so we could make arrangements.  He didn't call back.

We aren't comfortable hooking up the Little RV and taking off for parts unknown without driving the truck a fair amount. Replacing the entire fuel system is kind of a big deal and, as we are well aware, things can go wrong.  So, the plan is to get pushed into the field and stay at least until Monday.  

Hopefully we will get the truck back today or tomorrow and have time to make sure it is running correctly before we have to beat it through Wisconsin to our Labor Day reservation by Thursday in Manistique, Michigan.  

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