Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Little RV Plays the Waiting Game - Truck Repair Update

If you're going to get stuck somewhere, this is probably one of the best places to be stuck simply because of the beautiful scenery.  We have been keeping busy puttering around the RV, sightseeing, resting and such.  It is not hot or humid here so I like the weather even when it's raining. 

We had to go to The Duluth Trading Company. We love the commercials and wanted to see if we liked their products.   

You may have seen and chuckled at their commercials on TV
Ad for Buck Naked Underwear

Ad for Long Tailed Tees - Plumbers Butt Fixed 
We did pick up a couple of things for Rob and he loves them.  Score!  They have a line of mosquito repellent clothing we plan to try before we head to Alaska. 

Speaking of mosquitoes, after suffering with their presence for three weeks we decided to purchase a bug shelter.  Rob found one that we thought would suit our needs.  It is easy to assemble and very sturdy. We timed the order to arrive at our current campground the day after we arrived.  Of course we haven't needed to use it but I'm certain we will in the near future.  We got the Clam 1660 Mag Screen Tent. You can see how it works in the video below.
I spoke to the Ford repair representative yesterday and she told me some of the parts had arrived and they are working to get the rest here as soon as possible. The repairs should take about 30 hours so any hope of departure this week is slipping away fast. We expected that because our experience with repairs has been much the same. I am expecting another parts update today. 

As for the campground, we originally had a reservation through Sunday night and were able to extend due to a cancellation. The owner was supposed to move us Sunday afternoon or Monday but we have yet to see him.  I'm wondering if another reservation was cancelled.  The weather has been pretty moist for the last few days. If prior reservations fill up the campground, we'll be moved into the field with an extension cord.  Since we cannot move the RV ourselves, it'll have to do. 

We have a prepaid reservation for Labor Day weekend about 400 miles from here in Michigan.  I sure hope we can make it there in time.  

Please enjoy a few more scenes from the North Shore. 


  1. Hope everything works out and you can get to your next destination on time.

    1. Dizzy,
      I just heard the parts came in this morning and they started working on the truck this afternoon. Maybe it will be done Friday!