Saturday, August 9, 2014

Size Does Matter in the Little RV

It all started so innocently.  

We left Buffalo River State Park at about 9 am Tuesday after dumping our gray water tanks. That campground and the one we were heading for has only electric so we knew we would need to take on fresh water when we arrived at the new campground. Our fresh water tank holds 100 gallons of water which weighs 834 lbs. We always try to wait to fill the fresh tank until we arrive at the new campground where we had a reservation for two nights. The extra weight really take a toll on our fuel economy.

When we got close to the campground, following GPS instructions we left the main highway and drove toward the campground stopping at a 4-way stop intersection.  It didn't look safe to go in any direction because the roads were narrow, very tightly lined with trees and there were no signs indicating the campground was near.  Sitting at the intersection a car pulled up next to us and asked if we were OK.  They were not sure were they were going either and drove ahead to check things out.  When they returned they told us the campground was just ahead so we thanked them and off we went.  

Our first stop was the dump station to fill the fresh tank. We hoped to find a first come, first serve space where we could stay for 5 nights because our next reservation is on the North Shore starting Monday.  After filling the fresh tank we started to make our way into the campground.

First up, a hairpin turn into this road.  We got stuck almost immediately because the space available to make the turn from the dump station into the campground was just too small for The Little RV. I jumped out with a walkie-talkie and Rob jockeyed back and forth several times and we were able to make the turn.  

Within 50 feet we hit another too tight spot.  The turn leading into campground was too tight as well and there was a large post just at the 90 degree corner further constricting the turn. Again I jumped out and kept watch and directed while we got clear of the post and around the corner. By this time my nerves were nearly shot.  

We drove into the campground knowing the first 14 sites were first come-first serve sites so we chose one and attempted to back in. No go! We just couldn't make the turns because there were too many obstacles along the road. After trying three different spots we gave up and headed to the office to ask if a refund was possible.  

In the office I talked to a ranger who just didn't seem to believe getting into a space could possibly be a problem.  I was advised to contact the main office to get a refund for the second night of our reservation but we would lose the first. After some discussion with the ranger, an emotional outburst on my part and walking out of the office being followed by the ranger, we continued our discussion with the ranger who drove Rob down to the campground to look at site #9.  They decided we could get into #9 and if we were successful we would be able to stay for 5 days.  

Sure enough, we managed to get into the site.  It's on a curve so the back in is straight.  We just didn't see it on the way through. It is the ONLY site in the entire campground we could fit in. 

Later a ranger came by and knocked on the door.  He transferred our reservation and payment to the new site and we paid for the other 3 nights.  I asked how to get firewood and he offered to bring some to our site.  I paid for it separately because they buy the firewood from a group of disabled people so the money goes to a good cause.   

The ranger warned us that areas that aren't mowed are full of poison ivy.  It's been many years since I was around poison ivy so I asked the ranger to point it out to me. Sure enough...we are surrounded by it.  We'll have to be really careful to keep Grant out of it so we don't get the oils transferred to us from his fir.

This is kind of hard to believe but in almost two years of full-time RV living we have never had a campfire. Our second and third nights here we finally did.  
Grant enjoys the campfire.

Last night we went our near dusk to snap a couple of pictures of Gull Lake.  It really is beautiful.


  1. I have recently begun to follow your adventures. Oh, I feel your pain at all of those obstacles and tight turns!!!!!

    Greetings from Kelowna, BC, Canada.

    1. Welcome Heather! I'm always so excited when someone new comments. I can't wait for our next campground. Monday we are heading to Knife River, MN along the shore of Lake Superior. We plan to see all of the Great Lakes but are spending a full week in Knife River. Thanks again!

  2. Dang, I could never get my rig in there. It is still in the shop (since April) getting fixed from the fight it had with some trees in my own drive-way.

    1. Dizzy, you still don't have your rig back? That's awful. I hope you get a chance to enjoy it before the year is over. I know you cut those trees down!

    2. Cut one of them down. That gave me more swing room to miss the second tree that I also hit that time. I will be more careful. The blame falls all on me. I had been in too big of a hurry.