Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rugged Beauty and a Costly Mistake

The weather yesterday was absolutely beautiful.  The sky was blue and the water was even deeper blue.  
Lake Superior

It is hard to imagine how big Superior is until you see it.  The waves come into the beach like small ocean waves and you can't see to the other side.  We took a short drive yesterday to check out the area.  

Public Beach at Two Harbors
We drove north to the small town of Two Harbors where they have a full hook-up municipal RV park just across the street from a public beach. Those lucky folks have great views!  

Two Harbors Lighthouse
We stumbled across this lighthouse in Two Harbors as well.  

Shortly after leaving the lighthouse we got a call from the Ford service garage telling us what is wrong with the truck.  
What they told us was really a shock. When we filled the auxiliary tank on Sunday with diesel, we actually were filling with gas.  She specifically asked if we had filled up at a BP station.  We had and I told her yes.  She said this happens fairly frequently because most stations have a green cover over the fuel handle and some have a green hose to indicate diesel.  BP has green on their regular gas. So we apparently added 43 gallons of regular gas to our diesel truck and drove 120 miles pulling the fifth wheel and another 20 miles to the Ford garage. 

The most shocking part of the conversation was when she told us the cost to repair the truck is approximately $10,000.  Yes, that is TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Ouch!  That's the moment when I felt all the blood drain from my face.  The entire fuel system must be replaced in order to maintain the remainder of the warranty on the truck.  

Fortunately it appears that our auto insurance will cover this costly mistake. We haven't gotten the final answer yet because they have to "inspect" the vehicle but this is generally covered the first time only.  Even better, it is considered a comprehensive loss rather than collision so our deductible is $100 and they will cover the cost of the rental car.  

The repairs should be complete in about a week (holding my breath) and we'll be on our way.  

Now back to our sightseeing trip.

These pictures were taken near sunset and just before a gully-washer of a rain storm blew in.  


  1. Thanks for the warning on the BP gas nozzle colors. I would hate to put 100 gallons of gasoline in my RV. I don't think the Cat engine would like it, it might get drunk on it (grin). That sounds like something I would do.

    1. Dizzy,
      Rob's mom told him that if anything was going to happen it would happen to him. I tend to agree!

  2. OMG! Thank you so much for the warning on BP. We also have a diesel truck and were not aware that BP does not follow the industry convention of using green for diesel. Because of where we live and travel, we have not used BP in the past and now will definitely avoid them in the future! Plus we will spread the word to friends that are planning on buying diesel vehicles.

    1. Happy to be of service! You'd think BP would do something about this problem. Unless of course they are getting a kick back from the parts suppliers. You just never know.

  3. Wow! That's pretty scary. Glad you will be covered with insurance.

  4. Putting a wrong fluid in your truck was really alarming. Thankfully, the service shop immediately identified the problem. Though it's also a surprise when they said that it happens quite often. You'd think that after a few incidents, they would think of something to prevent such things from happening. Well, I do hope everything is fine now. Take care!

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company