Tuesday, August 26, 2014

No Rest for the Weary in the Little RV

We had the best thunder and lightening storm Sunday night.  I do love a good storm.  Monday morning we went to the Ford service center to pick-up our truck. It took some time but we finally managed to get the paperwork completed and drive away.  We had decided to move up the shore about 10 miles just for a change of scenery.  We want to stay in the area until we feel comfortable with the repairs before we head for the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula (UP).  

We got back to the campground, buttoned everything up and hitched the Little RV up and away we went. We had no mechanical concerns about the truck on the short trip. We checked in and paid for 5 nights. I had been having visions of drinking my morning coffee while enjoying the view. 
While we were setting up at the new campsite I heard Rob yell, " The bedroom slide won't open." Uh oh, this can't be good.  

I know there are ways to manually open slides so we finished setting up and then we started working on figuring out how to get the darn thing open.  

We tried leveling the whole RV again.  We dug out all of our manuals and tried those suggestions.  We called Lippert who makes the slide mechanisms and they walked us through several "fixes". Our campground neighbor came over to see if he could help but nothing worked.  

Finally we gave up and called for a repair. We were told to have the RV at the shop in Duluth Tuesday morning at 8:00.  I went over to the campground office and told them what was happening and they graciously gave me a refund for the 4 nights we wouldn't be able to use. 

Bedroom slide in
We had a huge problem on our hands. There is no way to get into the bedroom with the slide in. The slide almost completely covers the bedroom door opening. All of Rob's medication, his c-pap machine, oxygen machine, our clothes and bedding...everything we needed for the night was trapped in the bedroom.   

The only way in was to climb over the top of the slide and neither of us could manage that.  We needed someone tall and thin. So I did what any desperate woman would do. I went to find a tall, thin camper.  

A couple of sites down there was a family with three teens.  I went over and told the Mom what was going on and asked if we could borrow one of her kids.  The whole family of 5 came over to the RV and their son, Jake crawled over the slide and got some of the things we really needed for the night.  He was a trooper. He even got us clean underwear.  He climbed back out, we thanked them profusely and they were on their way back to their campfire with a silly story to tell.  

We had a long night on the full sized sofa bed but it could have been much worse.  
Tuesday morning's view enjoyed with a big latte'.
This morning we packed it all up again and dropped the RV off at the repair shop. They told us they would do their best to take a look this morning and would call us. 

We spent the morning puttering around Duluth and about 1 PM we went back to the shop to hang out in the waiting room. I went to the service desk for an update and they said it was all fixed and ready to go. Apparently a wiring harness connected to one of the motors that open and close the slide had come loose.  They rerouted the wires and put it all back together.  

Once we paid the bill and got all hooked up we decided to get out of Minnesota before anything else happened.  

I snapped a couple of photos in Duluth as we were coming down the hill toward Lake Superior and Wisconsin.  

I scrambled to find a campground nearby once we had crossed the border into Wisconsin.  Following the directions on my phone's navigation program we were driving down a narrow county road when we both spotted a very low railroad overpass at the same time.  When we got closer we saw the overpass height was 12' 8".  The Little RV stands a proud 13' 4" tall.  There was no way around and certainly no way under so we backed down the road a bit until we were able to back into a small turn off that had clearly been used for the same purpose.  It was tricky but Rob pulled it off without too much effort.  Crisis averted, we found an alternate route to the campground.  We are camped just East of Superior, Wisconsin where we plan to rest and collect ourselves for a couple of days before continuing our crazy trip.


  1. My last trip out I had slide problems, too. Then on the way home a tree in my driveway jumped out and grabbed it. It is still in the shop and has been there for months. They said the holdup was getting new compartment doors made, etc., etc. Glad you got yours fixed quickly and got on your way. Have a good trip and thanks for taking us along with you.

    1. Dizzy, I sure hope you get your rig back soon. It's been away from home for a long time.

  2. You're getting closer and closer to Howe, IN Any plans to stop by the factory?

    1. Hello Anonymous,
      No plans to stop at the factory. I don't know what good it would do us. We would have to foot the bill for any work we might want to have done and as bad as the workmanship on this beast is, I wouldn't pay to have them tighten a screw.