Saturday, August 30, 2014

Casino Camping in the Little RV - Ashland, WI

Our fledgling casino camping experiment has been a success so far.  We have 50 amp electric and water hook-ups so it's quite comfortable here.  I think we'll try this again.  There are quite a few casinos that allow RV camping or even have an actual campground in the North Woods.  

It rained a lot yesterday and during the night but this morning it was just cloudy. We decided to go and check out the area.  The casino is near Ashland, Wisconsin so we headed there.  We stopped at a park to see Lake Superior again.  
In Ashland we noticed there were huge murals on the sides of many of the buildings.  We walked around a little and took some photos. 
The Oredock Mural

The Lighthouse Mural

Ashland in the 50s
The Armed Forces Mural
The Storefront Mural

The Lumberjack Mural

Three real-life bus stop waitresses from the 1940s. 
Ashland is very old and the architecture is beautiful. 

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  1. Very interesting murals. Brightens up the city for sure.