Friday, July 18, 2014

The Little RV Visits North Dakota and the Oil Boom

Wow!  It's like a whole different world here in North Dakota. We were completely unable to take any photos yesterday because there were no places to pull over on the small, country road we were driving on. Today's photos are not ours but some I borrowed from the internet.

Just over the Montana/North Dakota border we started seeing signs of the oil boom that has taken over Northwest North Dakota.  This image shows the area where the greatest concentration of oil is located.
We saw dozens of oil wells and drilling rigs scattered across the horizon.  
The wells were accompanied by holding tanks and often an open flame burning from a large pipe nearby. 

The smell of burning oil was heavy in the air.  We also noticed large lots holding hundreds of housing units for the oil workers.  Here they are called "man camps".
We drove into Williston to find a tremendous amount of housing, business and road construction.  The traffic is far beyond what the current infrastructure can support.
We had hoped to camp somewhere in the area of Williston but there were no sites to be had.  
We tried Lewis and Clark State Park but it was completely full due to a Christmas in July event.  Really?  

So, we just kept moving west. We finally found a spot for two nights at a marina just outside New Town.  We have a 30 amp electric hook-up and are on such a steep incline we could not get the Little RV level.  On the bright side, it's much easier to go up the stairs.  They just don't seem so steep this way.

I plan to spend some time locating and securing a campsite before we leave here.

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