Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Little RV Visits Fort Peck Lake and DamFort, Montana

See the lake in the Northeast corner?
We are in Northeast Montana at the Fort Peck Lake Corps of Engineers (COE) complex. I made reservations in advance here because the place is fairly busy.  

Fort Peck Lake is huge.  There are more than 1500 miles of shoreline around the lake along with many places to camp. 

COE campgrounds are Federal and we can use Rob's Access Pass here so we get 50% off the campground rate.  Our campsite has electricity but no other hookups and we are paying $9 a night. We are happy with just electricity because we have ample water and waste tanks but it's really hot here so AC is essential.  

Our campsite is enormous and there is a lot of green space between the rows. Rob shot a couple of photos after we arrived yesterday.
We took a drive near sunset and saw the power plant from an overlook. 
I noticed all the bugs squished on the truck's grill and took a photo but got some great reflections of the overview information boards. 

Here's Grant checking out the view and all the smells.

Fort Peck Lake at sunset

Walking trail at Fort Peck Lake

We are actually fairly far away from any water but the mosquitoes are plentiful no matter what time of day. My pale Irish skin seems to attract those nasty bugs. We'll just have to break out the bug repellent today.  


  1. Lovely place to camp.

    I want to know how you keep Grant's feet so clean and white? I used to have a couple of Shelties, and their fur didn't stay like his very long. :)

    1. Hi Donna!
      Grant keeps his feet clean and white. He cleans his feet whenever we come inside. I swear he has OCD just like his mom.