Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Little RV Visits More Family

Here we are in Troutdale, Oregon.  I was texting with one of my sons-in-law, Alex, this morning and he said, "You are sitting in your chair with Grant at your feet drinking coffee, aren't you?" Busted!  That is exactly what I was doing.  I love my quiet mornings and my coffee and my doggie.  

I had a very busy day yesterday.  I spent the day with my daughter Christina, and grandkids Camden and Clementine. 

We visited and Camden and I spent some time watching a movie, building things with Legos and playing Simon Says. We had a great time.

This morning Grant and I took our walk by the Sandy River and there were bunnies! Grant loves to chase bunnies.  
There he goes...

Here he comes...
This river is about 200 feet from our door. The campground is crowded this time of year but we like it for location and nice, long pull-through sites.  


  1. Such cutie pie grandkids. That little Clementine has grown! :)

    1. Nothing is as good as having grandkids. Clementine is a big girl. We all her Tiny for short but she's not living up to her name. She's around the 90 percentile for her age. I'm sure missing her.