Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Little RV Enjoys Idaho

I can only imagine the smells
Grant is finding on that beach.  

C'mon Dad!
Our current campground is located on the shores of the Clearwater River. There is a bend in the river at the campground and a small, sandy beach. It's mid week and there is nobody here, just the way I like it.  

Rainy Orofino, Idaho from above
Tuesday was a rainy day so we went for a drive to explore the area but it wasn't great photography weather.  We found a spot on the river where these guys were resting their horses. 

It's a beautiful morning here today so we are heading to our next destination, Montana.


  1. Those last two pictures must be ghosts from the past.

    1. I love finding things like that. It makes such a great scenic photo opportunity.