Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rainbows, Campers and Yogi Bear Surround the Little RV

Last night we spotted this guy roaming around the RV Park.  It is Jellystone Park after all.  There was also an ice cream social. Being the social butterflies we are we opted out.  

Here's a Jr. camper taking a selfie with Yogi.  

Last night was Saturday night and the campground was like a three ring circus. I spent some time watching all of the campers coming in. They were stuffing extra large campers into medium sized spaces while other campers lined up behind waiting to squeeze into their spaces.  The campground news-bags were in their chairs watching out in the open while I peered our from behind my tinted windows. 
Huge Toy Hauler going through

Here's a smaller one

Took this one this afternoon after 
all the campers had pulled out.
When Rob got up this morning he was greeted by this rainbow.  

The weather was crazy today.  We had sun then the wind would usher in more rain clouds and it would pour and then the sun would come out again.  I was treated to another rainbow later in the day. There were two at one time but I wasn't fast enough to get them before one disappeared.  

I love the look of the 
rainbow behind the tree

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