Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rainbows, Campers and Yogi Bear Surround the Little RV

Last night we spotted this guy roaming around the RV Park.  It is Jellystone Park after all.  There was also an ice cream social. Being the social butterflies we are we opted out.  

Here's a Jr. camper taking a selfie with Yogi.  

Last night was Saturday night and the campground was like a three ring circus. I spent some time watching all of the campers coming in. They were stuffing extra large campers into medium sized spaces while other campers lined up behind waiting to squeeze into their spaces.  The campground news-bags were in their chairs watching out in the open while I peered our from behind my tinted windows. 
Huge Toy Hauler going through

Here's a smaller one

Took this one this afternoon after 
all the campers had pulled out.
When Rob got up this morning he was greeted by this rainbow.  

The weather was crazy today.  We had sun then the wind would usher in more rain clouds and it would pour and then the sun would come out again.  I was treated to another rainbow later in the day. There were two at one time but I wasn't fast enough to get them before one disappeared.  

I love the look of the 
rainbow behind the tree

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Little RV Moves on to Missoula, Montana

Last Sunday we moved to Missoula in preparation for Rob's oral surgery.  We are staying at Jellystone Park.  I am pleasantly surprised by this park.  I guess I expected herds of roaming children, and while there have been some, it hasn't been a problem.  

The park is fairly large, maybe 80 spaces and we are in the far back corner very near the huge fields and walking trails.  Grant and I have been doing some walking especially in the early morning when nobody else is out and about.  Yesterday I took my camera along.  

Grant has enjoyed the walks but his arthritis makes him awfully stiff in the mornings so it takes him a while to limber up.  

This morning we were up early and at the oral surgeon's office.  Rob had two teeth extracted. They had fused together with one on its side.  We're hoping for a speedy recovery so we can continue on with out trip. We'd like to be somewhere remote for the 4th of July. We're still dreaming of that perfect boondocking place along a river.  We'll let you know when we find it.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Home Sweet Home in Montana with the Little RV

We arrived in Montana yesterday after a truly harrowing drive on Hwy 12 from Orofino, Idaho. The highway is narrow with only very small shoulders and a river right on one side or another the entire way.  I practically burned the passenger side brakes up trying to slow the Little RV down.  Even Grant was out of sorts after we arrived.  

The reason I was so stressed is because there were people bicycling.  You'd go around a corner at 50 or 60 MPH and there in your lane was a bike or two and heaven help you if there was someone coming in the other lane.  I can't imagine how there haven't been deaths along there.  

I am so happy to be here because I feel so at home in Montana.  I spent the last half of my first childhood here in the Missoula area.  

We are camped about 20 miles south of Missoula in a Forest Service campground. They had an accessible site available with electricity.  With Rob's Access Pass the cost is $5 per night plus $3 for the electricity.  There are no other hookups so we don't know how long we can stay before we have to dump the gray tanks. We are practicing strict water conservation. 

Rob is having a tooth pulled on Wednesday we hope.  All of the necessary paperwork has been done so hopefully we can put this painful tooth situation behind us and move along. 

I drove into Missoula this afternoon for some things we needed and took the two photos in today's post on the way back to camp. 

After I returned home I was a complete klutz and cut my left index finger with my swanky paring knife. I bled like a stuck pig and made quite a mess.  I had to holler for Rob to come and help me. I'm all stuck back together and bandaged up but it sure is hard to type without that finger.  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Little RV Enjoys Idaho

I can only imagine the smells
Grant is finding on that beach.  

C'mon Dad!
Our current campground is located on the shores of the Clearwater River. There is a bend in the river at the campground and a small, sandy beach. It's mid week and there is nobody here, just the way I like it.  

Rainy Orofino, Idaho from above
Tuesday was a rainy day so we went for a drive to explore the area but it wasn't great photography weather.  We found a spot on the river where these guys were resting their horses. 

It's a beautiful morning here today so we are heading to our next destination, Montana.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Red Carpet Treatment for the Little RV

This campsite is
Grant Approved
Monday morning we packed up and headed east.  I put on my big girl panties and drove today. One thing I had not done is back the truck under the hitch so I showed Rob how to do my job and I did his.  I managed to back under on the first try! Yay!!  

It was a learning day for me.  We traveled on Hwy 12, a two lane highway that goes through canyons and along rivers.  I had some steep hills to drive up and then down again so I had to learn to use the engine brake and downshift at the right times.  I felt like I did OK.  

I scoured the interwebs on Sunday to find our next camp.  We are in a small Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campground along the Clearwater river in Idaho.  The campground is called Pink House Campground.  Before you ask, I haven't seen a pink house around here so I have no idea where the name came from.  

There are only 14 sites here so it is small and our site is right next to the highway so there is a fair amount of noise from the traffic.  The sites are big and there is one right on the river but it was taken.  

On our first trip around the campground loop to look for a site I didn't take the corner wide enough and got close enough to a couple of trees that we had to crawl by carefully. (OOPS! No trees, RVs, drivers or passengers were injured or died during this incident.)   

While we were assessing the tree situation the camp host came over and asked, "What are you doing way over there?".  I said, "Be nice, I'm learning."

Apparently that was all it took because he rolled out the red carpet and guided me to a space that was large enough for us and even directed me while backing the trailer into the site.  I thanked him for all of his help and he came by to check on us later.  
Here's the best part about this campground.  Since it's a BLM campground Rob can use his Access Pass for a 50% discount on the nightly rate.  We are paying $9 a night for a full hook-up campsite and we can stay up to 14 days.  
Rob chillin' in his swanky new chair
We set up camp and sat outside in our new camping chairs until it got too cold then suddenly chili sounded really good.  

Today we plan to go and check out the area.  Perhaps I'll have some photos to post tomorrow.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Spa Day and a New Camp for the Little RV

The last week has flown by.  We were in Portland visiting my daughter and her family and had asked Ryan our son-in-law if he would come and wash the top of the Little RV and he agreed.  After being parked under many trees all winter and spring it was a nasty mess and needed cleaned badly.  The first morning we were there  a small army of men came in and started cleaning some of the surrounding RVs.  Rob decided to see what they would charge to do ours and the price was agreeable so we decided to splurge on a badly needed spa day for our rolling home.  

They thoroughly cleaned the roof, the entire exterior including the awning, the windows, tires and wheels.  It looks so much better.  When Ryan came to clean the roof we told him it was being done and fed him a steak dinner instead.  

The rest of our Portland visit went by so fast.  I was able to spend another afternoon with Christina, Camden and Clementine the next day.  We went to a swanky market where she likes to shop. It was right up my alley too.  Camden and I put his new RV Lego set together.  It was great fun.  It was hard to leave when the day was over. 

Yesterday we drove much longer than we intended and were getting a bit desperate for a place to stop when I found this campground using my Allstays app. These little  known campgrounds are a leap of faith because you never know if you'll end up in Deliverance movie situation or you'll find a hidden gem.  We did not hear dueling banjos as we pulled in and we were pleasantly surprised to find a really nice campground.  

We are camped in SE Washington surrounded by farm land, along the Tucannon River just outside Starbuck, Washington. How can you not love that? The sites are really long with huge grassy lawns and shade trees.  We can get a great satellite signal here but we cannot get any cell phone service. Fortunately the park has free wifi so we can keep in touch.  It is really windy here this morning and not a good day for travel so we plan to stay put for another night. Maybe our next stop will be Montana?  A girl can dream, right?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Little RV Visits More Family

Here we are in Troutdale, Oregon.  I was texting with one of my sons-in-law, Alex, this morning and he said, "You are sitting in your chair with Grant at your feet drinking coffee, aren't you?" Busted!  That is exactly what I was doing.  I love my quiet mornings and my coffee and my doggie.  

I had a very busy day yesterday.  I spent the day with my daughter Christina, and grandkids Camden and Clementine. 

We visited and Camden and I spent some time watching a movie, building things with Legos and playing Simon Says. We had a great time.

This morning Grant and I took our walk by the Sandy River and there were bunnies! Grant loves to chase bunnies.  
There he goes...

Here he comes...
This river is about 200 feet from our door. The campground is crowded this time of year but we like it for location and nice, long pull-through sites.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Exit Accomplished in the Little RV

We finally sneaked out of Washington under cloak of blog blackout.  I was really hoping we would be successful in our attempt to leave Washington if we just kept quiet about the whole thing.  It worked!  We are in Troutdale, Oregon this morning to spend some time with one of our daughters and her family.  Then we are off on a new adventure.  

Can you believe we where in Washington for 11 months?  We made a few trips to get repairs done on the Little RV but all in all, we were there 11 months.  

It's Stanley Cup finals time at our hockey loving house and we were here in time to get our Dish Tailgater set up and working like a champ so we could watch the game. 
We were not able to use our Tailgater in Washington because of the tree cover in the park so we are happy to have it back.