Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Little RV Departs in 4, 3, 2, ONE!

We get to go somewhere!  

Rob had his check back with his ophthalmologist on Tuesday and although his condition has stabilized, she wants to see him in another 6 weeks.  We have to be back for the first couple of days in June but then we believe we will be free to leave the area for a long period of time.  

They actually scheduled his appointment for about 5 weeks out and we are getting ready to go so it will be a 4-ish week trip. First we'll move to Portland for a couple of days to see my daughter and her family. After Portland we'll head southeast. 

We're thinking Utah. Rob and I took a two week car trip to Utah about 7 years ago and loved it.  We just didn't have enough time to do it justice so we have wanted to go back. We're also thinking about a stop in Reno on the way back.  

We are trying out a new, more frugal approach to travel this time.  We want to boondock (but you already knew that) most of the time but we would like a couple of days here and there with hookups to do laundry, dump the tanks and generally have the luxury of those conveniences.  

We also have our new auxiliary fuel tank that holds 47 gallons of fuel.  Our total fuel capacity is now 85 gallons.  While it will hurt big time to fill 'er up it will hurt less frequently.  I'm hoping we won't be dragging 50+ feet of automobile into the gas station very often if ever.  By the way, 85 gallons of diesel at $4 a gallon is $340. OUCH!  On the bright side, that should get us at least 750 miles while towing and over 1,200 when not towing. We will also have the ability to purchase larger quantities of fuel when we find good prices and pass up the higher priced stations.  

Preparations are underway for our departure.  We are cleaning the pollen and fir needles off of and out of everything. Putting things away, checking tire pressure, refilling prescriptions, stocking up on groceries and all of those things that have to happen before we leave.  

I'm excited to take our youngest granddaughter, Clementine, a couple of things I sewed for her last week.  What fun sewing these tiny things was.  I may have to do more.

Our 16th wedding anniversary is today!  A very low key celebration is planned. 

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