Thursday, April 3, 2014

Repairs are Complete in the Little RV

Now that it's over, I like to think of our front end repairs as a chin lift.  The Little RV had a serious double chin and Dr. Murphy (my Dad) along with his surgical staff (Rob and me) preformed a radical chin lift over the last three days.  

Monday she looked like this.  

Dad came over Monday around noon and we proceeded to stitch her poor chin up. We replaced the insulation and made sure all was dry inside.  Then we reattached the fiberglass skin and applied the trim strips. I know this makes it sound pretty easy but if you consider the three trips to town for different screws and insulation and the sheer number of drill bits broken during the process it ended up taking about 5 hours.  

Tuesday I spent about 6 hours removing old caulking and cleaning so the new, clear sealant would look as good as possible.  I learned something about my caulking skills.  They are AWFUL.  After my first couple of attempts I realized I was going to have to apply tape in order to get a clean line.  Wednesday morning I went out and taped all the seams and started to apply the sealant again.  Let's just say, it's all sealed up and ready to go and we'll leave it at that.  

This morning I took these photos. 

The toilet valve arrived as expected last week and we replaced it.  It was supposed to be a really easy task but turned into quite an ordeal because of the limited amount of space and lack of light where the toilet is wedged.  But, I'm happy to report it is fixed and we have had no further problems.  

Over the weekend we had some really heavy rains and discovered we were still getting water coming down through the wall at the head of the bed.  Dad and I used the water hose and honed in on the window above the bed.  He couldn't find any areas around the window that looked like they could be the source of the leak but he did see a potential problem where the 4 sections of the window come together and filled it with sealant.  I'll be watching it when we get more rain which should be today. 

We'll be staying here through the month of April.  We just didn't know when we would be able to get the front end all finished and sealed up so we decided to stay put once again.

Provided Rob gets the green light from is doctor on the 22nd we'll be leaving at the end of April for our next adventure. 

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  1. You sure got your hands dirty on those repairs! Fixing them by yourselves not only increased your RV knowledge, it also makes you appreciate your RV even more. However, there are some fixes that could be too much even for your adept hands, so it might be a good idea to know reputable repair centers along the way. Having a conked out RV in the middle of the road is not a fun way to spend the day. Take care!

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV Center