Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Little RV Departs in 4, 3, 2, ONE!

We get to go somewhere!  

Rob had his check back with his ophthalmologist on Tuesday and although his condition has stabilized, she wants to see him in another 6 weeks.  We have to be back for the first couple of days in June but then we believe we will be free to leave the area for a long period of time.  

They actually scheduled his appointment for about 5 weeks out and we are getting ready to go so it will be a 4-ish week trip. First we'll move to Portland for a couple of days to see my daughter and her family. After Portland we'll head southeast. 

We're thinking Utah. Rob and I took a two week car trip to Utah about 7 years ago and loved it.  We just didn't have enough time to do it justice so we have wanted to go back. We're also thinking about a stop in Reno on the way back.  

We are trying out a new, more frugal approach to travel this time.  We want to boondock (but you already knew that) most of the time but we would like a couple of days here and there with hookups to do laundry, dump the tanks and generally have the luxury of those conveniences.  

We also have our new auxiliary fuel tank that holds 47 gallons of fuel.  Our total fuel capacity is now 85 gallons.  While it will hurt big time to fill 'er up it will hurt less frequently.  I'm hoping we won't be dragging 50+ feet of automobile into the gas station very often if ever.  By the way, 85 gallons of diesel at $4 a gallon is $340. OUCH!  On the bright side, that should get us at least 750 miles while towing and over 1,200 when not towing. We will also have the ability to purchase larger quantities of fuel when we find good prices and pass up the higher priced stations.  

Preparations are underway for our departure.  We are cleaning the pollen and fir needles off of and out of everything. Putting things away, checking tire pressure, refilling prescriptions, stocking up on groceries and all of those things that have to happen before we leave.  

I'm excited to take our youngest granddaughter, Clementine, a couple of things I sewed for her last week.  What fun sewing these tiny things was.  I may have to do more.

Our 16th wedding anniversary is today!  A very low key celebration is planned. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Reward After a Rugged Weekend in the Little RV

This year's income tax filing has been quite a fiasco. There are so many unfamiliar items on our taxes this year that I just couldn't bring myself to tackle them. To be fair, I procrastinated big time but I finished them this afternoon.

Rob has been out of commission most of the weekend and I was feeling a bit low. I decided to give myself lift by finally adding our visited states map to the side of the RV.

I thought long and hard about adding the map because, quite frankly I found them sort of tacky.  I still find them tacky but I want one anyway.  Perhaps because of all of the places we have been or maybe I'm just getting to the point in life where I just don't care what "they" think.  What do you think?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Springtime Flowers Near the Little RV

Cherry Blossoms
Yesterday Rob ventured out to take some photos. Photography is one of his favorite pastimes. Grant and I held down the fort. 

The weather is beautiful this week and we have been enjoying sun for a change. It certainly helps motivate a person to get things done.  

We are camped just outside Olympia, which is the capital of Washington State. Rob went to the Capital grounds and he came home with these lovely photos.  
Cherry blossoms in front of the capital building

The azaleas are in full bloom.
This is the view of Puget Sound from the Capital grounds in downtown Olympia.  

Enjoy Spring wherever you are!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Repairs are Complete in the Little RV

Now that it's over, I like to think of our front end repairs as a chin lift.  The Little RV had a serious double chin and Dr. Murphy (my Dad) along with his surgical staff (Rob and me) preformed a radical chin lift over the last three days.  

Monday she looked like this.  

Dad came over Monday around noon and we proceeded to stitch her poor chin up. We replaced the insulation and made sure all was dry inside.  Then we reattached the fiberglass skin and applied the trim strips. I know this makes it sound pretty easy but if you consider the three trips to town for different screws and insulation and the sheer number of drill bits broken during the process it ended up taking about 5 hours.  

Tuesday I spent about 6 hours removing old caulking and cleaning so the new, clear sealant would look as good as possible.  I learned something about my caulking skills.  They are AWFUL.  After my first couple of attempts I realized I was going to have to apply tape in order to get a clean line.  Wednesday morning I went out and taped all the seams and started to apply the sealant again.  Let's just say, it's all sealed up and ready to go and we'll leave it at that.  

This morning I took these photos. 

The toilet valve arrived as expected last week and we replaced it.  It was supposed to be a really easy task but turned into quite an ordeal because of the limited amount of space and lack of light where the toilet is wedged.  But, I'm happy to report it is fixed and we have had no further problems.  

Over the weekend we had some really heavy rains and discovered we were still getting water coming down through the wall at the head of the bed.  Dad and I used the water hose and honed in on the window above the bed.  He couldn't find any areas around the window that looked like they could be the source of the leak but he did see a potential problem where the 4 sections of the window come together and filled it with sealant.  I'll be watching it when we get more rain which should be today. 

We'll be staying here through the month of April.  We just didn't know when we would be able to get the front end all finished and sealed up so we decided to stay put once again.

Provided Rob gets the green light from is doctor on the 22nd we'll be leaving at the end of April for our next adventure.