Friday, March 14, 2014

The Little RV Starts Another Countdown of Sorts

Since our Alaska plans have changed and we won't be going there until next summer, we're working on an itinerary for the more immediate future.   Rob is exactly 2/5 of the way through his laser treatments in both eyes.  He will finish those up on March 24th.  We have to be here for a check-back on April 22nd but that doesn't mean we have to stay here while we're waiting, right?  

The rent on our lot is paid through the end of the month so our current plan is to leave here on April 1st and spend a few weeks somewhere different.  We're thinking the Reno area but we really haven't decided yet.  

The past week has been awfully busy (and messy) around here.  We discovered a nasty mold infestation under the head of our be around the slide platform. Everything stored under the bed had to be removed and with very limited space, it ended up in the living room for several days.  

Next we completely dismantled the bed frame and removed some carpet from hidden areas under the bed in order to clean it up properly.  The picture above shows the top of the slide housing.  The plywood under the mattress had been removed in order to gain access and the mold had been cleaned up and the wood was drying.  This platform was covered with carpet which we removed and discarded because it was completely saturated and infested with mold.  

We did a ton of research about how to handle the clean-up mold and I read repeatedly that if the area is less than 10 square feet it is safe to do the clean-up yourself.  So we did!  I would normally use bleach to clean the mold but in my research I found that bleach does not penetrate wood and vinegar and/or hydrogen peroxide are good choices for cleaning mold from wood.  Bleach is great for hard, non-porous surfaces.  

Having the whole thing open and exposed was rather eye opening. We discovered the materials used to build the bed were just not up to snuff.  The plywood platform the mattress sits on is 1/2 inch and sagging badly.  
Example of shoddy construction and materials
There was no support to speak of under the plywood and when we discovered and cleaned up our condensation problem at the head of the bed the water was pooling in the low spots on the plywood but had apparently also run down the wall onto the box around the slide mechanism. That is where the mold was growing.  It was pretty smelly and disgusting.  

After talking to my dad about the mold and the construction he showed up the next day with some cut to measure lumber and now I am happy to report our bed is sturdy and probably won't sag...ever!  
Thanks Dad! 

We have been drying the area with a fan for several days.  We'll have to keep an eye on it over the long haul but I am fairly confident as long as no more moisture is introduced to the area, we have successfully licked that problem.  

We are also working on an overall purge of unneeded belongings.  We had a donation drop off yesterday and I'm sure there will be at least one or two more.  I managed to cleaned the living room carpet last night too.  Do we have some fun around here or what?

I have to say, after sitting around here crocheting for several months all of this activity is causing me some aches and pains.  Time to go and see some new places and enjoy some sun!


  1. Mold is mighty dangerous to your health, so I hope you were careful and wore a mask over your nose. Mold needed moisture to start growing, so check the seals on your slide. You can first try lubricating them to try and soften them up. Hope you get your "Little RV" back in tip top shape.

    1. Hi Dizzy,
      The moisture problem was unknowingly created by us. We are here in lovely, moist Washington and had two large pillows propped against the slide wall. They have been there since we moved in but it's just too damp here. I moved the pillows one day and discovered a lot of condensation. I thought I had gotten it all under control but the water had been collecting further down as well and that is what this clean up was for. I'm hoping we have gotten to the bottom of the mess. We also run a small dehumidifier in the bedroom but clearly that didn't handle the moisture well enough.
      I think even with the problems we are currently having The Little RV is in much better shape than it was when we drove it off the lot.