Saturday, March 15, 2014

Taking Care of Neglected Tasks in the Little RV

When we bought the Little RV we had a generator and four batteries installed because we eventually wanted to be able to boondock.  We have used the generator a couple of times while parked in Rob's daughter's driveway in Connecticut. 
I'll admit we haven't even started it for months and we have never opened the battery boxes to check the batteries.  

In preparation for our next trip we went out and tackled that little project today. After unplugging the RV from shore power and turning a bunch of stuff off in the Little RV we went back inside and pressed the start button on the generator.  I was sure it wouldn't start, but it started right up. We let it run for a little while.

Next we tackled the battery maintenance. I don't know anything about batteries or how to maintain them so I did some research online. This article has helpful information.  I didn't even know what kind of batteries we had. 

We don't have a pull out tray for our battery bank so you kind of have to bend over and squeeze your shoulders into the opening.  Not particularly comfortable but doable.  The cases were held together with zip ties. After clipping those to gain access I discovered these batteries.  

After removing the caps and checked the water level we found we needed to add more water. The article said to fill with water to the bottom of the refill hole so that's what I did.  They all looked clean and the connections were secure so I replaced the covers and fastened them with more zip ties.  

It always feels good to have accomplished one of these tasks.  Wonder what else we're supposed to be doing but don't even know.  


  1. Maintenance is important. I don't do quite as much of it as I should.

    1. So it's not just me Dizzy? I sure feel better now.