Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow and We Have a Screw Loose in the Little RV

We finally had a great snowfall the other night.  Grant and I woke up and went outside for our morning walk and this is what we saw when we opened the door.

We got three or four inches of snow overnight. Grant frolicked like a puppy. 

What is it with dogs and snow?  He was having a blast.

We seem to have a bit of a situation.  The front end of the Little RV is saggin' big time.  I believe it is time for some cosmetic surgery.  

Upon further inspection we discovered the trim around the hitch was not secured and the fiberglass has sagged over time.  My immediate reaction was to blame DRV and their expensive, "high quality" craftsmanship. Then I remembered the "gator incident". 

The damage from that incident would have required that section of fiberglass to be either repaired or replaced.  I'm thinking it was not installed correctly when the work was done. The screws that attach the trim and the sheet of fiberglass around the hitch are all stripped and pulling out.  There is a gap between the fiberglass and insulation and the underside of our bedroom and closet. 

I'll be calling the repair shop to see what they have to say.

Rob has seen the ophthalmologist and is scheduled for injections in his right eye over the next three months.  That should put us just at about May 1st and a perfect time to leave for Alaska.  Bet the guy we are renting the lot from will be happy to hear about this.  


  1. Dang, hope you get the hole fixed before heading for Alaska. Are you going to load the RV on a boat or are you driving through Canada? I have heard good reports either way except for the stones on the road breaking windshields.

    1. Hi Dizzy,
      We haven't decided about the Alaskan Ferry. I am just not having any luck at figuring out what the cost would be. We won't have access to the RV so food for Rob would be an issue too. I suspect we'll mostly drive it but we could take the ferry on some of the short hops. And we will get the hole fixed before we go.

  2. Yikes! Repairs are always so much fun. I'll be interested to hear about your Alaska plans. We've put that trip on the back burner for a while.