Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Problem Solving in the Little RV

The ongoing saga of our light fixture woes is nearing an end (hopefully).  You may remember the light fixtures above our kitchen island were not of the highest quality and whenever we needed to change a bulb there was an epic struggle to remove the old bulb.  

These were the old light fixtures.  

I really didn't like the amber glass shades and they cut a lot of light from the bulb. Also the opening of the shade was so small I couldn't get two hands in to change the bulb and the base and wires would turn when we tried to get the bulb out.  

DRV agreed to replace them so during one of our many repair visits they were replaced with these fixtures. They are completely different and I like them much better but they are brushed nickel and the old ones were oil rubbed bronze.  Everything in the RV is oil rubbed bronze. I like the brushed nickel much better so I'm slowly changing everything over to brushed nickel. 

So, thinking our light situation was resolved we set out on our next adventure.  After our first trip we noticed the lights were not lined up correctly and were moving while we traveled.  I wasn't too concerned until we found one of them hanging by the wires after a day of travel.  
We reattached them as well as we could and contacted our repair shop to get them started on a solution for the lights.  Some of the connections are stripped and won't tighten up enough to stay put.

To  make a long story short, nearly a year later there has been no solution. Apparently getting pendent lights for an RV is nearly impossible.  I have searched high and low and so has our repair shop. After showing the problem to my dad (who can fix anything) we decided the best course of action is to keep these lights and try to make them travel proof.  

Isn't that attractive?
We took the lights down via the buddy system. I climbed up on the island and Rob handed me tools and acted as a brace to help me up and a cushion in case I fell off.  Dad completely took the fixtures apart and secured all of the joints and connections with Loctite.   Hopefully this will do the trick. 

Unfortunately, with these new fixtures, we are having the same problems getting the bulbs out when they need to be replaced. 

We are in the process of changing over to all LED lights so after much searching for the solution to that little problem I found these little beauties on ebay.  They adapt a bayonet light bulb base to a G4 LED pin base. 

Never again will we have to struggle to remove the bulb. And... these beauties are rumored to last 50,000 hours. 

We're just waiting for them to arrive and the lights go back up.  Hopefully for good.

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  1. I got short florescent bulbs in my overhead lights. So far, I have had no trouble with them at all. But, if I do, I would go to some kind of LED lighting. Glad you found something that works for you.