Saturday, January 25, 2014

Another Problem Solved in the Little RV

We're baaaaaaack!  It's been three and a half weeks since I posted on our blog.  I always find it difficult to blog when we aren't moving to a new spot occasionally and I've just been lazy about it lately.

We've just been living our ordinary lives, going to doctor visits, spending time with family and friends, you know how it is. Rob has two and potentially more medical things to deal with before we can get back on the road.  We are still working out where we are going to go when the time comes.  

Given all of the delays and things holding us here in the Pacific Northwest, we have wondered if we are meant to be heading for Alaska this summer.  Alaska is the single most important place we want to see while we are still able to travel. So, we are considering going there instead of south.  

In the mean time life goes on and light bulbs burn out.  Back in August the repair shop changed out the pendant lights in the dining area.  
The light bulbs were impossible to remove and the threads on the pendents were stripped.  Recently one of the bulbs burned out and we have been unable to remove the bulb.  In our efforts to get the bulb out, we again broke the fixture.   After searching high and low for an alternative we settled on a completely different type of lighting.  

We no longer have a dining area so the pendent lights are a bit out of place and they really interfere with my access to the cabinets behind them.  So we decided to install ceiling lights like those in the rest of the Little RV.   I was able to find them with built in LED lighting.  

First we removed the old fixtures and the decorative wood panel they were attached to. 

Then we had to enlarge the holes in the ceiling.  We used a hole saw kit to make the cuts.  

These are the lights we installed.  Inside the base of the light are the light emitting diodes.  This particular light is guaranteed for 5 years.  I found them on and paid just under $8 each for them.  
Here they are installed.  Much better, don't you think?
We plan to transition to all LED lights because they put out much less heat and use far less electricity to run.  


  1. Great job!! Looks fantastic!

    I'm looking forward to blog posts on your next travel adventure. Alaska would be a perfect summer trip. I've been there several times, and it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Do you read the Lowes' blog ( They did a fantastic summer long RV journey to Alaska in 2012. It might be challenging for you to find hookups along the Alaska Canadian highway, so you will really have to plan ahead for that. Good luck!

    1. Donna!
      Thanks for the suggestion. I'll wander over and read the Lowes' blog. I was planning to search for some reading on Alaska and it always helps to see where others have been and what they have done. We do have a generator and now that our holding tanks are working properly (fingers still crossed) we can boondock. Yay!

    2. You could also read my brother's blog. They did a summer Alaska trip in 2007, and did it on a much more economical budget than the Lowes. They went all the way up to Prudhoe Bay as well as down to the Kenai Penninsula. (They had their grandchildren with them for the first few weeks of the trip.)