Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye to 2013 and Planning for 2014 in the Little RV

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of Christmas preparations, medical appointments and just life in general.  We did slow down for a couple of days to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with family.  Of course I made hats for the kids but only got some of them in pictures.  
Twins Titus and Tanner in their Duck Dynasty hats and
little brother Emerson in his sock monkey hat.

Sadly, I didn't get Camden and Clementine in their gingerbread boy and girl hats but I did snag a photo of them in front of their Christmas tree at home.  
Camden and Clementine
Amelia's owl hat, Justin's Red Sox hat and Oliver's dinosaur hat went to Connecticut so no hat photos but I have some photos of our three littles there as well.  
Amelia, Oliver and Justin
We had planned to leave for a sunnier climate at the end of December but there are a couple of medical procedures Rob needs to have so we are planning on the end of January.  We never know what will happen but the man we are renting the lot from seems perfectly happy to have us here for another month.  

We still haven't decided where we are heading when we actually do get moving.  Maybe we'll just know when we get there.  

In the mean time the preparations for departure have begun.  The truck was in the shop yesterday getting its 30,000 mile service.  We also got the basement organized from the the mess the repair people made while loading and unloading it repeatedly.  But there is so much more to do before we will be ready to go but we'll make it all happen.


  1. Love those Duck Dynasty hats you made. Very clever!!

    1. Dizzy, I can't take credit. I had a pattern purchased on They are pretty fun though, aren't they?

  2. Adorable hats and adorable models! Happy 2014!!

  3. Juley, those hats are adorable! I think they should be mandatory attire at our former place of business! lol It would certainly lighten up the mood. Are you two available a day this week? I finally can breathe and have no appointments until Thursday/Friday. Love to you and Rob and Grant... xoxoxo