Thursday, December 12, 2013

DRV your nose is growing!

In our last post I dangled the fact that we had gotten an update from the Washington Attorney Generals' office regarding our complaint against DRV, the manufacturer of our RV.  

I'm attaching a link to the letter so you can see exactly what DRV had to say. 

Link to letter.  

As you can see DRV is blaming the service provider for the problems we have had with our holding tank valves.  I wouldn't expect anything different at this point but I am disappointed because it is simply not true.  

Pinocchio DRV your nose is growing!

I'll leave you with this soothing sunrise photo of Mt. Rainier.  Rob snapped it this morning while walking with Grant.  


  1. When you read just their letter, it comes across like they are making a reasonable offer. It's only when you hear the whole story over the past year, and the number of issue you have had with the standard valve, that you realize why that solution is unacceptable. But based on their history, it is probably all you are ever going to get.

    The sunrise photo of Mt. Rainier is spectacular!

    1. Donna,
      Rob did a nice job on that photo! I love it. Yes, I do think we've gotten all we are going to get from DRV. I truly believe it's a losing battle from here on out and I honestly don't feel like I want to waste any more of my energy fighting them. Hopefully we will have far fewer problems from here on out.