Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye to 2013 and Planning for 2014 in the Little RV

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of Christmas preparations, medical appointments and just life in general.  We did slow down for a couple of days to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with family.  Of course I made hats for the kids but only got some of them in pictures.  
Twins Titus and Tanner in their Duck Dynasty hats and
little brother Emerson in his sock monkey hat.

Sadly, I didn't get Camden and Clementine in their gingerbread boy and girl hats but I did snag a photo of them in front of their Christmas tree at home.  
Camden and Clementine
Amelia's owl hat, Justin's Red Sox hat and Oliver's dinosaur hat went to Connecticut so no hat photos but I have some photos of our three littles there as well.  
Amelia, Oliver and Justin
We had planned to leave for a sunnier climate at the end of December but there are a couple of medical procedures Rob needs to have so we are planning on the end of January.  We never know what will happen but the man we are renting the lot from seems perfectly happy to have us here for another month.  

We still haven't decided where we are heading when we actually do get moving.  Maybe we'll just know when we get there.  

In the mean time the preparations for departure have begun.  The truck was in the shop yesterday getting its 30,000 mile service.  We also got the basement organized from the the mess the repair people made while loading and unloading it repeatedly.  But there is so much more to do before we will be ready to go but we'll make it all happen.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

DRV your nose is growing!

In our last post I dangled the fact that we had gotten an update from the Washington Attorney Generals' office regarding our complaint against DRV, the manufacturer of our RV.  

I'm attaching a link to the letter so you can see exactly what DRV had to say. 

Link to letter.  

As you can see DRV is blaming the service provider for the problems we have had with our holding tank valves.  I wouldn't expect anything different at this point but I am disappointed because it is simply not true.  

Pinocchio DRV your nose is growing!

I'll leave you with this soothing sunrise photo of Mt. Rainier.  Rob snapped it this morning while walking with Grant.  

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Proud, Cold and Content in the Little RV

It's been a while since I wrote a post but here we are! 

First and foremost, we want to congratulate our son-in-law Alex, on his successful completion and graduation from the New York City Fire Academy. Alex used to work for the East Hartford, Connecticut fire department but decided he needed to make a change so he applied to FDNY and the rest is history.  He spent 18 weeks learning the FDNY ropes.  We're very proud of you Alex!
Alex stands head and shoulders above the rest!
The weather here has been absolutely frigid the last few days.  We are having temperatures in the low teens at night and some days we don't get above freezing.  Our water hose has been freezing solid at night so we are using the water tank at night and using the site water during the day. At the end of the day we drain and coil up the hose and put it in the basement so it won't freeze.  Yesterday the water pipe was frozen and had to be defrosted before we could use it.  

We're definitely bundling up when we go outside.  It's tough keeping the Little RV warm on the inside too.   We have a new space heater that is helping to keep the chill off.  We try to use the propane furnace as little as possible because when we heat exclusively with it, we have to have a propane bottle filled every three days.  That gets expensive fast!  

Tiny house, tiny tree!
We're getting ready for Christmas. Monday I took the Christmas boxes bound for Connecticut and shipped them. Our shopping is mostly finished and wrapped.  The tree and decorations are up. I'm working on some crocheted gifts for family members but that won't take long.  

Most of my family has been sick since before Thanksgiving with a nasty but that ended in bronchitis for my parents and croup for Camden.  Christina is sick and so far Clementine only seems to have the sniffles. Hopefully her immune system is up to the task of fending it off at the tender age of 10-ish weeks.  

We're part way through the last round of medical appointments for Rob before we leave for the rest of the winter.  

Speaking of getting ready to leave, we have been preparing for that little by little also.  One of these days when the weather is warmer we need to go outside and empty the basement.  When the repair techs did our work they emptied and reloaded our basement in a most disorderly fashion.  It looks like a tornado when through our basement and we can't find anything in the aftermath.  

Grant is doing pretty well now.  We have him back on plain chicken and pumpkin again.  We tried a new fish based dog food but it had potatoes as the main starch and now we know he is most definitely allergic to potatoes.  I think we have to give up on feeding him any commercial dog food because none of them work for him.   I'd like to find a carbohydrate to go with his chicken for a more balanced diet.  I'm going to try lentils with his chicken in a few weeks.  I have to let his system rest and my courage build before we try again.  

Dare I say, our tank valves are working flawlessly. What a pleasure it is to have those functioning correctly after all this time.  We have had a response from the Washington Attorney General's office which I will share next post.