Saturday, November 2, 2013

Loving the New Diggs in The Little RV

On Halloween we moved north to Olympia.  We found a lot to rent on a monthly basis at Lost Lake Resort.  This is a gated, ownership resort and so far we are really enjoying it here.  Everyone has been very friendly and helpful from the start. We have ample space to walk Grant and it is so quiet here.  Most of the owners seem to have followed the sun elsewhere.  
Our street in the park
Many of the lots here have been personalized to the owner's taste.  Some have park models or large roofed spaces for their RVs. Many have storage sheds on them. Landscaping varies but everything is log or natural wood with green tin roofs.  Some even have covered outdoor kitchens and lounge areas.  
Lots of outdoor living space here.
There are lots for sale in the resort.  In fact, the lot we are renting is for sale.  We are going to look around and see what is available because it would be nice to have our own place here in town when we come home.  When we're not home, we can rent our lot to help cover the costs. 

We are renting a lot that has not had any improvements since it was purchased so it's bare bones gravel with full hookups for $450 a month plus electricity.  We can't get a satellite signal because the resort is densely treed but we are able to purchase cable through the resort for only $10 a month. 

It is pretty wet here this time of the year so we put our dirt sifting rug out in hopes of keeping some of the mess from being tracked into the Little RV.  We also had a long run to the sewer outlet which is about 12" off the ground so we picked up a 10' piece of vinyl gutter for $6 to support the sewer hose and make it drain better.  

Here's an exciting bit of information.  If we need a propane refill we can just set out tank(s) by the road and one of the staff will take them, refill them and bring them back for us.  We can just go to the office and pay for the propane afterward.  To me, that's such a helpful service. 

And yes, there really is a lost lake but we found it.
So, we're all set until we head back to Eugene for more repairs which are scheduled for the 20th of November.  Then we'll return here for the rest of the year. 


  1. That looks wonderful! Not so sure about the rain but you're in the northwest, comes with the territory. You make me want to retire . . . NOW!

    1. Sandy,
      I'll say to you what someone said to me and started us on this adventure, "What's stopping you? No, really what is stopping you?"