Monday, November 18, 2013

Hopeful and Wary all at the Same Time in the Little RV

Tomorrow we are heading for Junction City, Oregon for ongoing repairs. The parts are in and ready to be installed.  It takes a couple of days for us to get ready when we have to move out of our home. This time should only be for two nights (keep your fingers crossed). Rob and Grant both require a special diet so that has to be prepared and packed.  We need a motel room with a microwave and a refrigerator for those special diets.  When we have a longer stay we have to get a room with a full kitchen so I can cook for all of us. We also have some medical equipment to take along and of course our clothing and toiletries.  

I'll be cooking and packing things up most of the day.  We're trying out some new vegetarian recipes like muffin pan frittatas and marinated, baked tofu bites and spicy Indian dahl. We also have to get the Little RV ready to go.  Hopefully it won't rain all day today.  

We spent a lot of time in Harrisburg at the River Bend Resort this summer in their RV Park.  

Rob remembered they have rooms available as well so we will be staying there.  Grant is welcome there and there is plenty of room for him outside for exercise and those necessary business transactions.

During our upcoming trip to Oregon we are having the holding tank valves replaced with electric valves.   We currently have manual cable valves with cables that run many feet from the actual pull handle.  They look like this.

We have three holding tanks.  Two of them have such long cables that are routed over, under, around and through so much they just don't work properly.  We have had them replaced twice and we continue to have the same problem.  They don't close all the way and they leak.

The electric valves look like this.
We are very hopeful this will solve our problem once and for all.  The service provider does keep warning us that these are not trouble free either and if one stops working the RV's belly pan has to be removed in order to gain access.  

In addition to the valves we are having our tank monitor panel replaced.  Something has been wonky with it since the beginning and it was replaced once but they are going to try again.  Even our fresh water tank level is not accurate so we know it is not the sensors.  We are having 5 light fixtures replaced, the molding that was broken during out last service visit is being replaced and the trim strips on the ceiling that were damaged when the ceiling panel that was falling down was secured are being replaced.  The repairs are mostly cosmetic and it will be nice to have them fixed.  It will be especially nice to have adequate light in the kitchen.  

Rob and I are so ready to be finished with all of these repairs.  We are fully aware that "it's always something" but this has been ridiculous.  We are hoping in January when we head off into the warm sunset, we'll be leaving the holding tank woes behind us.  

At least we'll be well fed while we are displaced.  Of course there are some really exciting things to look forward to while we are staying at the resort.  We can take the longest, hottest showers and enjoy that luxuriously thick toilet paper.


  1. I sure hope that this finally fixes your problem. I bought mine used and with no warranty. The long main awning would not retract and the guys where I bought it , had to help it roll up manually while the other pushed the button. Of course when I was coming in my driveway I hit that awning on a tree. Since it was already broken, I didn't feel I should turn it into the insurance company, so I paid to have it completely replaced. Of course I haven't used the awning since then and it has been a couple of years.

    1. Too funny Dizzy! We had an awning incident last summer but it's fixed now and we paid out of pocket too. We do use our awning though.